Does anyone out there know the story with the Celtics?

Alan Greenwood

This would be the perfect time to ask, “How about those Celtics?”

It isn’t. It may be the worst possible time to pontificate on how they really can make a deep playoff run.

Note that the hunting-and-pecking of this little essay is happening Wednesday afternoon. The Celtics thrashed the best basketball team on the planet Tuesday night, rewarding those who stayed up to savor their most impressive win of the season.

So with the Celtics due in Sacramento for a Wednesday night date, by the time this appears for public consumption, Tuesday’s gem may have been quickly clouded by a stink bomb. It’s not as if the 2018-19 Celtics are incapable of scraping bottom 24 hours after soaring through the clouds.

Having lost five of six games before visiting the Golden State Warriors, the Celtics were prohibitive underdogs. Anyone plunking down dough on the boys in green deserved an “A” for guts and an “F” for sanity.

They didn’t beat the Warriors, they thrashed them. The 33-point spread at game’s end only partially reflected just how dominant the Celtics were.

Kyrie Irving credited long, presumably deep conversations with Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens for his 19-point, 11-assist performance. Maybe the entire team engaged in an airing of grievances on the long flight after Sunday’s disgusting loss to Houston at the Garden. Maybe angels sprinkled happy dust on their corn flakes Tuesday morning.

Or maybe the Celtics maintain the potential to be a team worth watching in the playoffs.

If someone out there has this team completely figured out, please share your wealth of knowledge.

TIME TRAVEL: March 7, 1949 – “Nashua High School’s crack basketball team was crowned champion of the first Merrimack Valley basketball tournament on Saturday night at the high school gym after a 36-29 victory over Manchester Central before a capacity crowd.

“Under wraps from the prying eyes of Dover’s Matt Flaherty, whom then Panthers meet in the opening round of the Class A state tournament Thursday, and hampered by an ankle injury to high-scoring Bob Gordon, the Purple were noticeably off their game but despite this managed to topple Central for the third straight time this season and collect the silverware.”

The silverware, no doubt, came in handy at the season-ending banquet.

AND FINALLY: Major League Baseball prepared, in its inimitable way, to make its lords look like jackasses by suggesting that Bryce Harper was guilty of tampering when he publicly lobbied Angels star Mike Trout to join him in Philadelphia next season.

Tampering would involve a clandestine meeting of front office types and lawyers, scheming and plotting and all that other white collar shenanigans.

One player says he wants another player to be his teammate next season; summon the tampering police.

Next time, Harper should just call any prospective teammates … but check to see if MLB has had phone tapped.

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