Bruins’ Acciari is truly a tough guy

It would be so easy this morning to grab the nearest broomstick and start hacking away at the basketball pinata known as the Boston Celtics.

They are certainly a worthy target these days, from Ainge to Yabouselie and everyone in between.

Instead, though, we’re going to take the high road. Why kick the C’s, no matter how much Marcus Smart and his shot selection deserve it?

Instead, I venture into that same TD Garden for a ray of delight and


My new hero, folks, is none other than Noel


For those of you casual hockey types, Acciari is your typical Bruin, at least typical for this blue-collar version of the franchise that has been a Boston sports constant since I started paying attention as a pre-schooler in 1970.

The Rhode Island native grew up on the same Bruins and learned well. He currently skates on the NHL’s top “fourth line” with fellow grunts Sean Kuraly and Chris Wagnah. I mean Wagner, sorry.

Thursday night, Acciari skated his regular shift, disrupting, wreaking havoc, pounding the board and building confusion in the Tampa Bay Lightning end.

He did it, though, with a full face shield. You see, this guy, this 27-year-old heap of muscle and sheer courage, took a puck in the face on Tuesday night’s win over San Jose.

That hunk of vulcanized rubber did massive damage, enough to cause Acciari to get “extensive dental work” done on Wednesday, according to coach Bruce Cassidy.

The Boston Herald noted the time in the chair to be, oh, “a few hours.”

Acciari is just the latest example of how much hockey players deserve our homage.

This kind of thing happens frequently. And these guys don’t blink.

In that same building, Kyrie Irving calls in sick with the equivalent of poison ivy. And here is Acciari, as massive a human being as you could imagine, barely missing a shift with a mouth full of Chiclets.

Why spend this amount of time and energy of a fourth-line grinder, you ask?

It’s just that with today being March 1, it’s time to focus on the real title contenders on Causeway Street, the ones who aren’t scolding each other on the floor on a nightly basis, then digging in the knife, via the gathered media, on the same teammates in the locker room afterward.

The Boston Bruins, thanks to guys like Acciari, should be right at the top of every sports fan’s agenda these days.

Something magical is Bruin. Time to jump on board.