Bored with the Super Bowl? We weren’t

Alan Greenwood

Those of us who are familiar with that old bromide concerning faces only mothers could love understand why national TV ratings for the Super Bowl dwindled to their lowest ebb in 10 years.

Much of the nation chose to turn away from the football train wreck that ended with the Patriots winning 13-3. With the over/under for total points coming in at 58 everyone praying for at least 59 saw their prospects wobble to the left of the proverbial goal post.

They understood precisely how Stephen Gostkowski felt on his latest Super Bowl shank.

When the Patriots toted a 3-0 lead into that dud of a halftime show, many of those who took the 21/2 points and bet on the Rams had more than an inkling that they were effectively sunk.

Being New Englanders, we could not have cared less if the Pats made a 2-0 lead stand up. We want the parade; if the Patriots arrive on Boylston St. adorned with paper bags matters not at all.

As for much of the football nation consulting the channel guide to find alternative programming, that merits barely a shrug.

Fans of the teams involved had enough drama and intrigue to watch it to the end. And it’s always fun to see Roger Goodell grit his teeth, say nice things and hand the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft.

If only TV networks could implant some sort of gadget to read Goodell’s inner thoughts as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady take their bows. That’d keep a lot of viewers engaged.

TIME TRAVEL: Feb. 7, 1979 – “In a game that more closely resembled the Battle of Gettysburg than a basketball game, the Alvirne High Broncos slugged it out in the trenches with the Salem Blue Devils and limped away with a 64-56 win, Alvirne’s fourth of the season.

“With the Salem band blaring, a traveling horde of Salem High students traipsing from bleacher to bleacher and the referee’s whistle ringing out every few seconds (there were 50 fouls called), the sound level at the ´Devils Domain’ was similar to a Civil War battle.”

With 50 fouls over 32 minutes of play, that constitutes a two-bagger. Steve Grohosky led the Broncos with 21 points and Larry Manor had 19.

It’s doubtful that Grohosky, Manor or their teammates worried about the win’s lack of artistic beauty … at least until their next practice session.

ANOTHER PARADE: An online guide for sports bettors reported Wednesday that the odds of Boston sports fans celebrating another championship between now and the 2020 Super Bowl are 2-1. behind only San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area at 1-2 and Los Angeles at 3-2.

The listings service specifically puts the Red Sox at 3-2 to repeat, the Celtics at 3-1, the Patriots at 7-2 and the Bruins at 13-2.

Clearly they are thinking that the Patriots’ dynasty had finally had its last hurrah.

At least one guy who wrote them off in November isn’t so sure.

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