Chiefs’ Hunt beats woman; will we fight back?

And so, it is Sunday.

If you are a sports fan, an NFL fan, I figure your routine today would be something like mine.

Wake up, a little breakfast, head to the market, drop an elbow or two to carve out position at the Market Basket deli counter, slip a pot roast in the slow cooker and settle in for 10 hours of pro football.

OK, yes, my wife will force me to clean the bathrooms, too.

Typical fall Sunday, right, here in the six-state region that TB12 put on the map.

But this Sunday is not the same, is it? This is different.

The National Football League, oozing mega-ratings and raking cash in by the billion, should be building to a crescendo in this run to the playoffs. Instead, we flip on the remote with an absolute dilemma:


If you answer yes to the question, I simply ask, “How?”

The NFL suffered another black mark on its already pathetic resume this week as video surfaced of Kansas City’s Kareem Hunt stomping and shoving a woman in a hotel hallway.

I write this with disgust for a league I covered for 18 years. It took TMZ’s release of the surveillance video for anyone from the league or the Chiefs to even acknowledge the brutality.

The Chiefs knew.

The league knew.

And despite this poor woman, her bruises and the accompanying emotional trauma, they looked the other way.

Until we saw the video.

Does that sound familiar?

Certainly does. We harken back to an elevator ride in some Atlantic City casino where Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice clobbered his lady friend, knocking her out and dragging her to the room.

Rice, if you remember, was granted a two-game suspension until that footage became public.

He hasn’t been heard from since.

But it appears the league hasn’t learned its lessons. Women still don’t matter to the NFL, unless the TV clicker is in their hands.

The league’s performance in these matters is loathsome, and I just don’t believe it will change.

Rice was old, he was done, at age 167 (in running back years, actually 28 in human years).

But Hunt? He’s a puppy. A sick, twisted, vulgar pooch.

And he will be back. For sure!

Outrage is called for. And it is called for immediately, if not sooner.

Have we really sunk to such pitiful levels that our entertainment, our fantasy leagues, our joy over Bill Belichick and the Patriots’ five Super Bowl rings that decency no longer matters?

I admit it. I’m late to the dance.

I stood in the New England Patriots locker room week after week and listened to Corey Dillon, he of the greatest rushing season in New England Patriots’ history (2004).

I laughed at his jokes as he mocked all of us in the media and admired the hurting he put on opponents on a weekly basis.

And then one day, I Googled “Corey Dillon rap sheet.” Let me tell you, the stuff that was written about his girlfriend in Washington and the blood dripping from her mouth, along with making me nauseous, raised an eye-brow.

Years later, those of us here in New England watched every second of Aaron Hernandez, the tight end/murderer, for your favorite football team.

It took an indictment for the Pats to send him on his way, one of the lowest points in the careers of the Kraft Family, the coach and the entire illustrious organization.

The Pats knew how sinister Hernandez, and the people they allowed him to bring into the locker room and the Patriots’ fold, really were.

But he was a dynamic pass-catcher, a game-changer, and they allowed themselves to be conned by him.

Well, this guy won’t be fooled again. If the NFL doesn’t ban Hunt for life for this disgusting act, caught on film, there needs to be outrage.

This one is smack-dab on Roger Goodell to step up and end this disturbing trend of dirt-bags in sports. If not, we are left with one option.

We just can’t support this trash anymore.