Some holiday weekend leftovers to chew on

Here’s a few tids and bits to chew over as those Thanksgiving leftovers just live seemingly forever:

Here’s a hint that the Futures Collegiate Baseball League is a league that will have a lot of changes coming in 2019. You see, usually by now a schedule is pretty much out. But that hasn’t happened yet, which likely signals that it is still getting things in shape in terms of number of teams and where. Word was that Martha’s Vineyard was headed to the NECBL but there’s conflicting whispers that the Sharks have paid their dues for the 2019 season.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the puff of white smoke to come from Holman Stadium as to who Rick Muntean’s replacement as general manager will be and what the front office structure will be like. Right now, team accountant Victoria Cookson is the only employee still around to man the office.

We are now beyond Thanksgiving; the guess is all will be set by Christmas. If not, well, then there are some intriguing decisions still out there to be made.

—-The city of Nashua, you’d likely say, loves having the tradition of the Turkey Eve Bowl. OK, then let’s make it safe for the fans, shall we, City Hall? If you were at the game last Wednesday night, you know what we mean. While a superb job was done to clear the field and make sure it was playable in terms of getting all the snow off it – Park-Rec’s Bob Guidabone does a super job with the place – there was no manpower allocated to get rid of the snow in the stands, or at least on the stairs next to the ailes going up and down. The footing was absolutely treacherous, mainly because of the fact the temperature was falling fast during the game and any melted snow was turning to ice. Poor Ed Lecius, who broadcasted his 50th Turkey Bowl on Wednesday, had to risk life and limb getting down to the field in time to hand out the Ed Lecius Memorial Trophy to winning Nashua South.

Granted, “January in November” as we’re calling it (heck, we had at times December in October, right?) wasn’t exactly on the schedule a couple of weeks ago, but it was as the day of the game got closer. Whatever the cost that may have been deemed too much, any fan injury costs could have been a lot worse, right? A bad look, as if the City of Nashua doesn’t give a hoot about the game or the fans’ safety.

—- There will be some good news coming out soon involving the Nashua Eagles, the area’s semi-pro soccer team. But once the Silver Knights get their act together, how about the two organizations working some kind of cross-promotion ideas? Granted, the Knights are on another level in terms of attendance, etc., but both seasons are going on at about the same time.

Ironically a couple of years ago Eagles co-owner Jared Barbosa met with then-Silver Knights GM Ronnie Wallace and assistant GM Cheryl Lindner to pick their brains about how to run such an operation. Smart move.

“I picked there brain as to how they run their thing,” Barbosa said. “They were really helpfutl in that process, which was kind of nice.”

— Sorry to say that couldn’t get to the Garden to catch the return a couple weeks ago of Merrimack’s Tim Schaller when the Vancouver Canucks game to play Schaller’s former team, the Boston Bruins. Schaller’s played in 22 games with the Canucks, but has no points to show, nor penalty minutes at last look.

But he scores a lot of points in everybody’s book with his charitable group known as the “Timmyheads”, who were out in full force with their Schaller head cutouts and donations to the Jimmy Fund. “My Timmyheads family was back in action last night,” Schaller tweeted a couple of weeks ago after his Canucks beat the Bruins, 8-5. “Thank you everyone for coming to support me and the Jimmy Fund.”

We miss Schaller. He was a perfect fit for the B’s and a class act.

— Here’s why we feel that Rivier needs major help to stay competitive in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference as its three outdoor field fall teams – mane’s and women’s soccer, and field hockey – went a combined 8-39-3 overall. Ouch.

—–Still on Riv, the fact that they are in the GNAC gives basketball fans a date to circle: Saturday, Jan. 26, 3 p.m. at Riv’s Muldoon Center. That’s when St. Joseph’s of Connecticut will invade Nashua to take on the Raiders. What’s the big deal? Well, the Blue Jays are coached by none other than former UConn coach and Hall of Famer Jim Calhoun. Should be a good take; see you there.

—- Last week we told you that Rivier has a good number, about 14 combined, New Hampshire players on its men’s and women’s basketball rosters. That’s always a great move; increases fan interest, helps shorten recruiting time so coaches can also look elsewhere. But there is one, well, drawback: New Hampshire high school players have little or no experience playing with a shot clock.

“They’re not used to it when they first start playing,” Riv women’s coach Paul Williams said. “You don’t have two minuites or three minutes to get the offense to the point where you want it. You have to make decisions much quicker or get the ball into a playmaker’s hand much quicker.

“It is what it is, it’s all part of the process. The Mass.and Rhode Island girls all play with a shot clock, so they’re used to it when they get here.”

Someday, maybe, New Hampshire?

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