We wish the Jets would get their act together

It’s Jets Week, and unfortunately, there really isn’t much of a buzz.

We so thought there would be after the first couple of weeks, when rookie QB Sam Darnold was lighting it up. Finally, a Jets team with a quarterback that could at least make use of the forward pass.

Unfortunately for Jet fans – and fortunately for the New England Patriots – Darnold has been throwing the ball to the other team more than his own, the one real knock on him coming out of USC.

“Yeah, a big, strong guy, he’s got a good arm, (can) make all the throws,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said earlier this week. “A lot of talent.”

But we likely won’t see him Sunday, although you never know. He’s been bothered by injuries and the Jets bye week should have been enough time for him to make it back. But lo and behold, while suiting up for Wednesday’s practice he didn’t take part, and reportedly wasn’t around for the Thursday holiday indoor workout.

We hope he does play, because at least he adds something new to this thing. Someday the other AFC East teams will get better. But it may not be in our collective lifetime.

The Jets laid back-to-back eggs against the Dolphins and the Bills, the latter being one of their most embarrassing losses ever at home. It’s a loss that barring a miracle will get Jets coach Todd Bowles fired at season’s end.

Yet this week Belichick said, “This is an explosive team. They’ve had four or three games where they’ve hung up a lot of points – 30’s, 40’s – so they can move the ball, they can score points.”

Let’s just say this – if the Jets score 30 or 40 on the Patriots, then you may as well ignore the rest of New England’s season.

But fear not, that won’t happen:


The New York Daily News is saying that Rob Gronkowski is done. Maybe by season’s end. But you can bet that he’ll be ready for this one, with a little bit of something to prove. Throwback game. The Jets often play the Patriots tough in the Meadowlands, but not this time. Tom Brady limited by a knee, panic in the streets? Nah. Not a problem.


Another good Monday Night game, but this one will be much more of a defensive struggle than the classic track meet we saw last week. But wow, were we so wrong about Houston and Bill O’Brien, evidently. Do or die for Mike Vrabel’s Tennessee team, but the Texans (seven straight) are too hot.


Speaking of hot, have you seen what Indy has been doing lately? It’s no secret why – the Colts offensive line has not allowed a sack in five games. Yes, you read correctly. Andrew Luck is getting healthy and a team that looked like a joke a few weeks ago is coming on strong and should win this even though Ryan Tannehill is back behind center for the Fish.


Nice job by Denver last week in pulling off the one-point upset on the road. Nice job by the refs cutting Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers a break at the end of their comeback win. But we don’t think they’ll need any help in this one.


Another tough, close loss for Aaron Rodgers as Mike McCarthy takes another step on that plank he’s going to be shoved off of by season’s end. But really NBC, why do we have to see Minnesota twice in a row on Sunday Night? But Patriots fans will want to pay attention since the Vikings and QB Kirk Cousins are headed to Gillette next Sunday for a 4:30 game. Should be nice and toasty for that one, eh?


Winner is pointing toward January, loser is pointing toward training camp, we think. The Panthers are 6-4 but just haven’t looked it lately. Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have played just well enough to lose. Great matchup of mobile QBs but Cam Newton is home so we’ll go with the Panthers.


Bounce back week for Philip Rivers & Co. in the only inter-conference game of the weekend thanks to byes, etc. L.A.is pretty good, even though no one there cares. C’mon, Chargers, go back to San Diego where you belong. You’ll be on the road in the playoffs, but you will make it.


SEASON: 46-29-2

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