Who’s the better tight end? Or the better team?

It’s the great debate:

Who is the best tight end in the National Football League, Kansas City’s Travis Kelce or New England’s Rob Gronkowski?

ESPN’s Booger McFarland raised eyebrows a couple of weeks ago on the Monday Night broadcast when he declared it was Kelce.

Of course, it plays right into NBC’s hands when the Patriots and the Chiefs will square off Sunday night at Gillette Stadium. Tony Dungy picks Grnkowski ” because he’s a better blocker and more of an inside tight end.”

Former Patriot Rodney Harrison is choosing Kelce, saying as a safety in man coverage he’d have more trouble covering the Chiefs tight end because of “at this point in time, just the level of speed and athleticism, the youth factor, the fact that Kelce has been healthy. The quickness and the route running…”

It’ll be interesting to say the least how the two compare on Sunday night. But really, what does it boil down to? Gronkowski is more injury prone, but doesn’t he have more rings? Kelce has none.

“The rankings and all that, I’ll just leave that up to you guys, whatever you guys say,” Gronkowski smartly said this week. “But I just try to do my best. I think he’s a great player and I’ve just got to worry about what I can do to help out the team.”

Meanwhile, this writing team needs help in its picks, another blah week that still has us below .500. We’ll try to vault over that mark with these seven beauties:


The Patriots usually stymie these up-and-coming teams that waltz into Gillette on a roll, and this will be no exception. Patrick Mahomes throws a huge pick into the waiting arms of Patrick Chung to setup a Brady-to-Gronkowski TD in the final minute. Take that, Kelce.


Something’s got to give here. The Ravens lost last week to the Browns, the Titans to the Bills. Really? This is Week Six, and it’s time for the cream to start to rise to the top. We’ll grudgingly say Baltimore recovers first.


This Cincy thing can’t keep going, can it? They both give up around 26 points a game, so scoring won’t be a problem for either. The hits will be hard, the flags will fly, but we expect Ben Roethlisberger to outduel Andy Dalton.


The Panthers were lucky to beat the Giants at home. The Saints always blow out the visiting team on Monday Night Football, so expect Alex Smith at home to lead Washington to the win in the Josh Norman Bowl.


Two teams on their way to nowhere. FitzMagic has gone poof, and so has the coaching of Dan Quinn. So when in doubt, go with the home team and the better quarterback, and that would be Matt Ryan over Jameis Winston. Both coaches could be done by year’s end, especially the Bucs’ Dirk Koetter.


Why so low scoring? Well, the forecast in Denver on Sunday is apparently temps in the 30s with 1-3 inches of snow expected. We doubt Jared Goff & Co. are the Greatest Show on Snow but they ought to be good enough to beat this Denver team, even on the road. The Broncos simply don’t score enough points.


Miami has a lot of issues, but this Chicago team, which hosts the Patriots next week, seems to be for real. In fact, we’ll say right now they’re looking like the typical NFC team that didn’t make the playoffs one year and made it to the Super Bowl the next. Remember this come January.


SEASON: 16-17-2

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