New life for Nashua Cities Golf Tournament

Ah, the reports of the demise of the Nashua Cities Golf Tournament have been greatly exaggerated.

Once thought to be headed to a one-year hiatus, John Wollen, the head golf pro at Souhegan Woods Golf Club has stepped into the fray and will take the event over for the fall of 2018.

The Cities will now be held on October 6 and 7 at Souhegan Woods in Amherst.

“The course is in excellent condition,” said Wollen, who had been involved in running the event in the past. “I know the guys are going to enjoy playing it.”

The entry fee of $120 will get you greens fees for both days and a shot at the tournament’s prize money.

Initially, it appeared that The Cities would not be held in 2018 as Ryan Brogan, who had done such an amazing job of running things the past few years, was not able to free up the time.

“A couple of our members mentioned it, and so I just looking into it,” said Wollen. “I decided to try and keep the tradition going and to run it for a year.”

Part of Wollen’s motivation was the link to history in the event, which began in 1960. The championship trophy, the John D. Wollen Memorial trophy, is named after his grandfather.

Big props to Wollen and Souhegan Woods for stepping up. It’s great to see the tradition being extended.

Tough start

Not a great opening week for the Bill Belichick coaching tree in the NFL.

Matt Patricia’s Detroit Lions were skinned by the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. Tough to blame Patricia. You just don’t win too many games in the NFL when your quarterback throws five interceptions.

And then there was former Belichick OC Bill O’Brien, handing his old boss’ team a cookie Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

Look, O’Brien is what he is. He showed his coaching acumen last year when the Texans had the Pats beat, up two, and facing a 4th-and-1 with 2:28 left at the New England 18.

A first down and the football game is over.

Instead, O’Brien kicked a worthless field goal, and Tom Brady taught him a lesson, marching down for the winning TD like the US Marines freeing the medical students in Grenada.

And here we have O’Brien, again checking in with more pathetic game management, refusing to call a timeout out in the heat of passion after Rob Gronlowski caught or didn’t catch a 32-yard TB12 offering.

Was it a catch? I don’t know. Should the coach have called timeout? Absolutely.

And O’Brien’s response? “It’s not my job.”

BTW, he took all three timeouts with him to halftime oblivion.

Monday, O’Brien tried to back-pedal. Sorry, coach. You are paid millions to be on top of things like that on the spot.

Belichick certainly is.

Odds and ends

Man, if you’re not behind Serena Williams, after the way she had the U.S. Open taken away from her, I’ve got serious issues with you. Watch the tape of that final and tell me that any human being deserves to be treated like she was. Shame on the powers that be. …

Finally, I’m watching the scroll on the bottom of ESPN on Tuesday, and I see this from the NFL.

“Cleveland Best start (0-0-1) since 2004.”

Are you kidding me?

The Browns are 0-13-1 in their last 14 season openers. Sometimes here in New England where the Patriots have won 13 division titles in those 14 seasons, you forget how bad other cities have had it during the Brady Era.