Don’t worry about anything, Red Sox fans

Alan Greenwood

Skepticism, which is a first cousin to cynicism, has been known to raise an eyebrow now and again in this little corner of the newsroom.

So before continuing with this essay, please note a disclaimer: The following is not offered in the name of sarcasm.

The Red Sox are going to win the 2018 World Series.

You probably didn’t read that here first. You may have allowed yourself to think it countless times.

Monday night’s improbable win over the Philadelphia Phillies crystallized at least one scribe’s vision of grandeur. It was the latest example of the Red Sox’ ability to steamroll common sense by somehow winning after spending most of the night playing like stumblebums.

Eduardo Nunez opened the bottom of the 13th inning with a single, stole second and scored on Blake Swihart’s line drive that bounced into the Red Sox’ bullpen for a double.

Eduardo Nunez? Blake Swihart? Really? If each man does nothing of note for the remainder of the season they have reserved spots in the 2018 highlight video.

Fans of certain vintage watched that and thought of Jerry Adair’s bases-clearing triple into the triangle, Jose Tartabull throwing Ken Berry out at the plate and Dalton Jones drilling a home run into the upper deck at Tiger Stadium.

The Impossible Dream Red Sox had lots of great moments from otherwise journeymen ballplayers.

There is no baseball calculus to fuel this forecast; that in itself will cause slaves to sabermetrics to dismiss it out of hand. Of course, they also insist that there is no such thing as a clutch hitter. David Ortiz apparently made no impression on them.

Chris Sale is down, Dustin Pedroia’s career seems tenuous and their only deadline trade brought in Ian Kinsler, a few years removed from his best of times. But don’t worry.

Just settle in for the ride.

TIME TRAVEL: August 2, 1958 – “James E. Coffey Post American Legion athletic officials expressed considerable bitterness here today at the refusal of state Legion and Keene Post officials to postpone the final play-off for the state American Legion Jr. state championship between Nashua and Keene junior teams until Wednesday.”

For Coffey Post, it was the team’s seventh game in seven days. The request from Nashua to postpone the final one day came after a doubleheader sweep Sunday to land it in the title game. It was, as the front page story read, “a pretty tough schedule for schoolboys, particularly under the sponsorship of the American Legion baseball program, which is supposed to further baseball amongst the schoolboys.”

The furthering of baseball amongst schoolboys remains an ongoing, even more difficult pursuit.

AND FROM HIS HIGHNESS: Upon learning that the Cleveland Cavaliers are ready to retire his number, LeBron James declared that he has not ruled out another return to the city he most loves, despite having jilted its fans twice.

If the good people of Cleveland have any sense of pride, they would tell LeBron James to take his talents to a more appropriate, if unprintable venue.

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