This time Belichick needs to actually say something

Alan Greenwood

No one in the history of any universe has spoken so many words and said almost nothing.

In Bill We Trust to never take the easy way out by muttering, “No comment.” Bill Belichick prefers muttering time-honored prattle.

His eyes narrow quickly when asked about something he refused to discuss in past moments. He isn’t thinking about yesterday, last month, last decade, or anything but the road ahead.

So when asked about his mind-numbing call to not play Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl, he offers a mumbled shrug. When asked about text-message conversations he reportedly had with Jimmy Garroppolo after shipping him to San Francisco, his pursed lips barely twitch.

It’s on to training camp.

Unlike most topics that Belichick deems off-limits, the Butler and Garoppolo sagas have superior staying power. One is very relevant to the loss of Super Bowl 52. The other is very relevant to the Patriots’ future, near- and long-term.

When active players jump ship and offer their take on either of these topics, it’s fair to assume that current Patriots have given them some thought.

None of this will sink the Patriots this season. But it does have the potential to anchor them well short of their usual destination.

TIME TRAVEL: July 26, 1956 – “An outbreak of vandalism at Holman Stadium last evening, the second this week, was reported to police for investigation this morning by Park-Recreation Superintendent Raymond F. Lee.

“Department employees discovered the damage as they reported to work inthe stadium this morning. Smashed were an expensive three foot by five foot spectator window in the press box, which had also been the target the night before for a kicked-in window in the basement of the building, Lee said.”

There is nothing to suggest that a 4-year old wearing a hoodie was one of the hooligans.

BEATING IN LA: Apparently not everyone in La La Land is happy to welcome LeBron James’ talents. Street art depicting James in Lakers garb, also featuring other figures in the team’s his high-profile history, have been vandalized. Among the messages:

“We don’t want you!”

“3-6” (referring to James’ record in NBA Finals).

“No King” (on one mural declaring him King of LA).

Who knew that there are actual right-thinking hoop fans in Los Angeles?

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