Some post July 4 sparklers to view and ponder

Here’s a few local and regional tids and bits as we are now in the post -July 4 block of summer:

Yours truly was very surprised at the lackof Boston fanfare surrounding the free agent departure from the Bruins of Merrimack’s Tim Schaller. Now, Schaller would’ve loved to have stayed a Bruin but Vancouver’s offer of $1.9 million per had to have blown out any other offers he received. It’s likely the B’s were hanging firm at $1 million.

But you had to pay attention or you barely noticed he left, which is too bad because Schaller had a career year and was, in these eyes, a very underrated player. OK, a fourth line player leaving isn’t exactly big news, and we get that. But the local product seemed to make something happen just about every shift he was on the ice, and had a career year (22 points) last season. If Schaller figured in the scoring, chances are the B’s came out on top. But his physical play came up a notch this past season, as did his penalty killing. He deserved a big payday, good for him. But we feel, just as much as he’ll miss the convenience and the thrill of playing for the team he grew up worshiping – as well as his family will miss that convenience – the Bruins will miss him just as much.

But business is business.

—It’s great that Nashua will be hosting a Cal Ripken Regional tournament, and the teams will kick off the event in grand fashion prior to next Friday night’s Silver Knights game with an introduction and barbecue, etc., and the Knights’ usual Friday night post game fireworks.

But it’s too bad there aren’t more Cal Ripken teams to fill out a regional – or even some of their age division state tournaments. In some district tourneys, some runnerups are also able to qualify for the next level because events need to be filled out. Even for this regional, there are extra teams from same regions. Nothing that can really be done, but it’s just an observation.

—Still on local baseball, it seems Hudson’s Rick Harvey, the New Hampshire American Legion President, has had enough. He sent out an email to teams reminding them that reschedulng District games can only be done for weather reaons or special circumstances. That doesn’t include moving them around because players are involved with other programs outside of Legion.

Harvey has had it, it seems.

“We had a rash of these (rescheduling requests) last year and it bogged down everyone’s schedule to help teams that cannot keep a commitment of

players,” he wrote to teams and media. “ I have turned down four or five of these this year already, I am sure if we did not have the rule, we would have more.”

To paraphrase, Harvey wants to restore Legion to what it was years ago, but he’s facing a tough fight. The talent level just isn’t the same. But good for him for sticking to his cause.

“Our program,” he wrote, “deserves the respect that it has had in the past.”

—- Contrast these two deals: The FCBL All-Star game, because it includes the Holman Stadium 80th Birthday Celebration, is free to Nashua residents (tickets need to be picked up in advance).

Now, the ticket prices for the professional Double A Eastern League All-Star Game set for July 11 in Trenton, N.J., according to Sports Illustrated, became out of sight. They went from, on some ticket agencies, from $20 on June 28 to … try $115 by June 30. And now some are seen at $149. Why? Tim Tebow, with now with the Double A Binghamton Rumble Ponies (Mets), is playing in it. We kid you not.

SI reports he hit .318 with seven extra base hits in a 22-game stretch in June.

Yikes. Not even for the Atlantic League All-Star Game in 2003 at Holman Stadium that featured a Hall of Famer, Ricky Henderson, were prices anywhere close to that. Amazing.

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