Isn’t every day Tom Brady Appreciation Day?

Let’s search the calendar, comb through the New England Patriots 2018 schedule, from training camp through preseason games through the regular season.

It’s got to be there somewhere, right? Yes, we’re talking about Tom Brady Appreciation Day.

Can’t find it. Oh, maybe it’s every Sunday at Gillette Stadium when 65,000 fans scream in homage to TB12. Or when his bi-weekly check gets deposited by the Patriots with more money than most of us make in, well, mega years.

Seems like that’s plenty of appreciation.

But Brady, appearing for an interview with Jim Gray at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, Cal. on Monday, was asked if he felt appreciated, mainly by the Patriots hierarchy. “I plead the fifth,” he responded with emphasis and a chuckle.

Interesting answer, and one that again shows that all is not well at Patriots Place.

We were finally rid of the Gronkowski hints and ridiculous comments when Belichick called him in for a much needed sit-down after his foolish Supercross press conference at Gillette.

It may be time for TB12 to get the same summons.

“I think everybody in general wants to be appreciated more at work, in their professional life,” Brady said. “But there’s a lot of people that appreciate me way more than I ever thought was possible as part of my life.

“You have different influences in your life and the people I work with are trying to get the best out of me. So they’re trying to treat me in a way that they feel is going to get the best out of me.

“And I’ve got to get the best out of myself. I think what I’m learning, as you get older, is it comes from within. The joy, the happiness, those things come from inside. ….”

Blah, blah, blah. Brady is a lot less comical and cartoonish in his comments than Gronkowski. What’s this all about? Bring my guy Alex Guerrero back into the fold, Bill and Robert. Let him work with the other players at the team facilities. Oh, and, you know, maybe extend my contract.

Suddenly, Team Player Tom is becoming more of a distraction.

Look, we understand his not reporting for the “voluntary” team off-season program. He has his own ways (well, actuall Guerrero’s) now and he also likely wants to spend more time with his family. Remember, his wife has gone on record saying she wishes he would retire sooner than later.

Brady is evidently not the big workout warrior (as far as the Patriots program goes) he was in past years, which is probably more of a good thing given his age,which will be 41 in August.

Now, is this all whining because Mean Bill Belichick isn’t being nice to Tommy Wommy? Probably. Same as he was supposedly not being nice to GronkieWonkie.

Oh please. When’s the last NFL coach that was really nice?

“He’s very respectful to me, too,” Brady said of Belichick. “We’ve had a great relationship and a very respectful relationship for a long time. I feel like he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL. He has a management style with players. He would say, ‘Look, I’m not the easiest coach to play for.’ And I agree, he’s not the easiest coach to play for. But he’s the best for me. What he’s proven is that whatever talent he has, he maximizes that talent. I mean, what more could you ask of a coach than that? That’s what I want as a player.”

Then what the heck is the problem? Enough of all this double talk. Football coaches yell and scream at you. They embarrass you in meetings. Heck, they even love to embarrass the media.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here without his coaching,” Brady said. I wouldn’t have the success without how incredibly talented he was, along with the other coaches, the other players, and all the other people in the organization. Because it takes everybody to do it.”

Yes, it takes everybody. Especially those who aren’t whining.

Enough. Time for another meeting at Patrots Place. Brady can bring the avocado ice cream.

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