Timberlake and Brady: A Super ‘Bromance’

They have a bond.

Yeah, Justin Timberlake says he loves Tom Brady. Tom Brady says he loves Justin Timberlake.

A Boston television reporter asked Timberlake at the annual Super Bowl Halftime Show press conference on Thursday in downtown Minneapolis if he had coffee with Brady’s wife, Giselle, the other day.

“Why are you trying to break up a ‘bromance’?,” Timberlake said “We just got this locked up.”

The Super Bowl entertainment media gatherings are usually a good break from the seemingly endless football topics, and Thursday’s was no exception. Timberlake is a pure entertainer, a good choice for the halftime show (his appearance for Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” 14 years ago aside) and hey, he likes Brady. Or make that loves him.

“He’s definitely the type of dude you’d invite over to watch the Super Bowl,” Timberlake said. “The problem is, he’s always (playing) in the Super Bowl.

“He has great hair, though. Great hair. I mean he’s on my list. The feeling is reciprocated, if you want to make it official.”

Funny stuff. Of course earlier in the week Brady played along.

“Love Justin,” Brady said. “Justin is a very talented performer. I’m glad he’s part of the Super Bowl.”

It’s a good choice. Longtime Halftime Show sponsor Pepsi is celebrating 120 years of existence with a special pop culture theme, and nobody fits that better these days than Timberlake. He certainly is taking advantage of the honor, releasing his new album this week.

And he promises a great show.

“We’re doing fun things with the halftime show that they’ve never quite done before,” he said.

One of his goals, he said, is to make 73-year-old NBC play-by-play man Al Michaels get up and dance. He thinks maybe his hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling” will do it, but he wouldn’t reveal any of his other plethora of hits he’ll use for the show.

Hey, the Patriots have no shortage of entertainment celebrities around them, from Bill Belichick’s bond with Jon Bon Jovi, owner Robert Kraft with Sir Elton John. The list continues. Timberlake isn’t a bad one to have on your side. Basically, he’s done is play golf with Brady. In all seriousness, the entertainer said, “Anytime you get to share time like that away from everything with somebody that you have a lot of true respect and admiration for, how seriously he takes his craft, and how great he is at it. … We’re probably – I know it – very like-minded people, so it’s nice to be around somebody like that, but also pick their brain a little bit as to what makes them so great, as well. Take a little bit of the Brady sauce. I think I just coined that phrase.”

Timberlake certainly has been pretty great by entertainment standards in his own right, as a combo singer and actor. Again, as a member of pop culture, he fits the Super Bowl like a glove. He was floored to be able to go on Thursday night to host an album listening party at the nearby Paisley Park estate of one of his idols, the late Prince. It’s in Chanhassen, Minn., in the general Minneapolis area, where, as the Nashua High School South people can appreciate, Purple reigns.

“There’s like a lot of bucket list things that are happening for me this week, and that’s definitely one of those things at the top of that list as well. … It didn’t seem like a possibility to me a year ago.”

The irony here is Timberlake is a devout Green Bay Packers fan, and when asked by another Boston reporter if he was rooting for the Patriots on Sunday, he said, “Go Pack go!”.

Uh-oh, wonder how that will set with TB12.

Still, it doesn’t seem as if he’s got much Eagle love in him, except when asked about that, he said, “I have to go on tour in Philadelphia, what are you doing to me?”

But at least we know there’s that special Brady Bond, right?

“I love Tom Brady,” Timberlake said. “There, I said it. It feels good to get that off my chest.”

Maybe this budding ‘bromance’ will heat up if the Patriots win on Sunday. As you all well know, everybody loves a winner.

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