One local Brown fan laments losing Belichick

Here’s a few early Super Bowl week tids and bits to chew on while yours truly has nightmares about getting completely lost this week in the Mall of America:

New Nashua Silver Knights general manager Rick Muntean was leaving a downtown Nashua business on Sunday when the owner said to him, “Go Pats.”

“I had enough good sense not to say, ‘Go Browns’,” said Muntean, a Youngstown, Ohio native who bleeds Cleveland orange. “Everybody loves a winner, and it’s pretty tough not to be a Patriots fan when they’re winning every single week. But here it’s everywhere, it’s uniform. There’s no Browns fans, Steeler fans, Raider fans.”

Well, there are, but they’re not going to be too visible right now. Muntean got here just a couple of weeks ago, and is floored by the Patriot enthusiasm.

But, he has another interesting thought:

“When are they going to rename the Lombardi trophy and put Belichick’s name on it?” he said.

Muntean then offered a unique Browns’ fan perspective as to the feelings toward Belichick, who was not well-liked in Cleveland.

“It’s pretty simple,” Muntean said. “Art Modell (late former Browns-Ravens owner) is the most hated man in Cleveland. He did it to us again, getting rid of the greatest freakin’ coach who ever lived. He let the greatest coach who ever lived leave. It’s a kick in the pants.”

-Well, that didn’t take long. Super Bowl week officially started for the New England Patriots with Tom Brady making national/social media news by politely ending his weekly Boston WEEI interview Monday morning after just a couple of minutes in protest over a disparaging remark about the quarterback’s 5-year-old daughter made on a show on the station on Thursday night by one of its hosts, Alex Reimer. Reimer, some may remember, was the host of the once-a-week “Alex Reimer Show” that aired locally on WGHM Nashua (AM 900) and WGAM Manchester (1250) from Sept. 2011 to March of 2012.

His comments, clearly not appropriate, were included in his thoughts on the first “Tom vs. Time” documentary mini episode that was released last week. The episode briefly shows Brady at home with his kids (there were some family life clips in the second one as well).

The timing of the release of the series is great for Brady’s TB12 brand, but perhaps not so great for the Patriots in terms of minor distractions. But this was taking on a life of its own Monday and Reimer was rightly suspended indefinitely by the station.

-If you saw the second episode released on Sunday, who is the guy shown working with Brady on his throwing technique? Well, none other than former Red Sox reliever and former major league pitching coach Tom House, who has worked with Brady and other NFL quarterbacks over the years. House is probably most known for catching Hank Aaron’s (at the time) record-setting 715th homer when was in the Braves bullpen in April of 1974. He was traded to the Red Sox in December of 1975 for Roger Moret.

-It’s already started. Current Eagle defensive end Chris Long says, like last year, he won’t visit the White House if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. “No, I’m not going to the White House,” Long told Pro Football Talk. Of course Long has been a rightly viewed in great light for donating his entire salary this year to education-related charities. Wonder if the White House/President Trump discussion will be a minor topic with both teams the rest of the week. We’ll see.

-Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski did not have a podium assignment for Monday’s Super Bowl LII Opening Night, the NFL’s new way of doing the old “Media Day”. The league assigns those in conjunction with the teams, but the fact is Gronkowski is not allowed to do media interviews until he clears the concussion protocol. We’ll see what day that is, or if the protocol drags on through the week. It’s unlikely that would happen; if Gronkowski practices, eventually, according to the protocol, he will have to be cleared by the team doctors and then, the final hurdle, an independent neurologist.

Patriots who were slated to be at individual podiums Monday night were Duron Harmon, Brandin Cooks, Stephon Gilmore, David Andrews, Tom Brady, Matthew Slater, Devin McCourty, Danny Amendola, Malcolm Butler, James White and, of course, Bill Belichick. All other players (except Gronkowski) were to be available on the floor.

-Interesting that former Hootie and the Blowfish singer Darius Rucker will be featured as one of the pregame performers on Sunday at the NFL Tailgate Party. Rucker performed at a media event in Jacksonville at TPC Sawgrass a few days before Super Bowl XXXIX 13 years ago, joined suddenly on the stage by PGA golfer John Daley.

Of course, the Patriots opponent for that Super Bowl? Why, the Philadelphia Eagles.

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