This turkey is calling his shots

Just a few thoughts around the world of sports while I prepare to brine my Butterball:

Am I late to the game when I state unequivocally the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the GAAT?

Yes, Brady has surpassed Michael Jordan as the “Greatest Athlete All Time.”

A guy who is 52 and grew up on Bird/Magic/Jordan, I never believed those words would ever come from these fingers. And the amazing thing is that it looks like Brady is nowhere near done.

I may get pelted with spit balls from across the newsroom by colleague Tom King, and it’s not going to make me popular among the athletes and coaches who’ve laid down their blood, sweat and tears in the ever-changing month of November, but why do North and South play a “Turkey Eve Bowl?”

It’s hoop season, man, or wrestling, or hockey season. You play in the regular season and at some point could also meet in the playoffs. Why, Thanksgiving? It’s a Massachusetts thing, and they’re wrong, too.

Speaking of high school football, a couple quick hitters from the season. I thought South’s Sean Holland was the best QB I saw this fall. I don’t think I’ll ever see a better pair of hands in high school ball than “Matty No Gloves,” Hollis Brookline’s Matt Simco. I appreciated every time Milford QB Zach King took the field, just because I can’t begin to imagine the pain he’s endured over the last 18 months or so off the field.

I remember back in August (being new in these parts) wondering if Campbell football coach Greg Gush had lost hist marbles. Doing the preview, he noted that both his returning starters at inside linebacker – Carter Vedrani and Keegan Mills – were sophomores, meaning they had been there as freshmen, too.

After watching five Cougar games live this fall, I easily understand why. Talk about a couple of monsters. I’d love to see Alvirne frosh Kyle Gora get a little help. He’s athletic and he can sling it a little bit. Finally, I will tell you flat-out, we will see the best of Merrimack’s Joe Eichman at the next level.

I love the Celtics like the next guy. And Kyrie Irving is the best player this franchise has had since Larry Bird. Yep, better than The Truth (my second-favorite Celtic of all time) and KG. But unless Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum can move to “Top 10” player status, like Kyrie, this franchise remains in the almost good enough, not quite category.

You could line up the Rivier starting five to play H-O-R-S-E with Celtic Marcus Smart, and I’d bet against the C’s brick-layer every time. I’ve Tweeted it before (@mvcreature) Smart’s jump-shot misses have a distinctive clang, like no other player in the game.

And finally, the turkey drumstick is overrated. But

Thanksgiving Day success lies in the gravy. Quality, moist turkey breast with perfect gravy equals food heaven.