Big Fella chooses his head over his heart in picking football finals

Make picks with your head, not your heart.

With “Championship Saturday” upon us, it is a mighty difficult axiom to follow.

I have to be honest. Alvirne High’s football team is like that high school sweetheart Vanessa Williams sang about in “Save the Best for Last.”

Spend enough time with her, or in this case watching them, and you’re bound to fall in love.

“Riverboat” Rothe’s kids have been so darn alluring with their style of play.

With last week’s 3-0 and a 56-21 mark for the season, I will try to keep my wits about me as I delve into the biggest day on the New Hampshire football calendar.

Division III

Campbell vs. Monadnock: The 2017 title collision between these two was as good and as physical a game as you will ever encounter at any level in the New England high school ranks.

It was so good that it left the regular-season meeting between the two this year, a Monadnock runaway win, as a bit of a disappointment.

Bottom line here is simple. Word on the street is that Keegan Mills most likely won’t play. That fact is a game-changer. Got to think this is the time for the kids from Swanzey. Huskies 18, Cougs 12.

Division II

Alvirne vs. Plymouth: The Bobcats feel right at home, roaming through Durham at this time of year. There’s the mystique, the tradition, hell the sheer magnitude of their production. But is there enough heart to overcome what the Broncos will bring to the fight? A upset would be epic. And why not? Hey, sometime the snow comes down in June, or mid-November in this case. And sometimes the sun goes ’round the moon. If you thought Alvirne’s chance had past, you’re mistaken. Broncos 16, Bobcats 14.

Division I

Pinkerton vs. Bedford: Bonus pick time here, even without the local interest. Let’s face it. Bedford has truly not seen adversity this year. The Bulldogs have steamrolled the opposition to the tune of 497-100 overall, 71-22 in a pair of playoff wins. What happens when Pinkerton Academy inevitably punches Bedford in the mouth? My guess is the Bulldogs handle it. This is a very good Pinkerton team, not a great Pinkerton team. This is a great Bedford team. Dogs 31, ‘Stros 28

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