Nashua South’s Lewis leads locals into NE track meet

Staff photo by HECTOR LONGO Souhegan's Marissa Romano and Milford's Robyn Krafft, shown here at the Division II State Indoor Track Meet four weeks ago, will be back at it Saturday in Boston at the New England Interscholastic Indoor Championships.

NASHUA – The four weeks of straight training, with no competition, between the Super Bowl Sunday Division I state championship win and Saturday’s New Englands should do nothing to slow her down.

For Nashua South’s Sydney Lewis, track and field, more specifically high-jumping, is a 12-month-a-year deal.

“I’m used to it,” said Lewis, who will head to the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston Saturday to compete with the top

scholastic track athletes from all over the six-state region. “The fall season is my preseason, and the winter has been excellent. I’ll be ready.”

A junior at South, Lewis has been leaping as long as she can remember.

She follows in the footsteps of her older brother, Keith, a Nashua high-jumping legend who went on to clear 6-foot-8 at UMass Lowell.

“I remember when I was younger, I’d go to his meets, watched him run and jump,” said Sydney, who cleared a New Hampshire season-best of 5-foot-4 to win the Division I title up at Dartmouth four weeks ago. “I loved the friendships he made. I saw track as a great way to make friends. The team now is like another family for me.”

Lewis came up through the Nashua track feeder system, competing in middle school and attending summer camps.

She has competed at the varsity level since the moment she set foot at South.

“High jump is my favorite event,” said Lewis, who will also compete in the hurdles and long jump then anchor the South 4–200 relay team at New Englands running with fellow juniors Taylor Mohler, Vanessa Norton and Corita Chartier.

“I don’t get nervous for it.”

An “A and B” student, Lewis has a separate passion, away from the track. With the goal to potentially be a nurse someday, she has immersed herself in South’s Health Sciences program.

But on Saturday, it’s all about the high jump and getting back to business.

“I have put time in it, and I’ve gotten plenty of motivation from my team and coach,” said Lewis. “Now, I just have to go out there and do it.”

2018 New England Interscholastic Indoor Championships



55: Johanna Koroma, Merrimack, 7.52

300: Abby Cranney, Souhegan, 42.85

600: Elise Lambert, Souhegan, 1:38.95; Dominique Milinazzo, Alvirne, 1:40.26; Caroline Fischer, BG, 1:40.58

1000: Jane Leighton, Souhegan, 3:04.15; Marissa Romano, Souhegan, 3:08.46

1500: Rebecca Durham, Milford, 4:42.82; Cali Coffin, Nashua South, 4:57.98; Lauren Robinson, Milford, 4:58.55

3000: Durham, Milford, 10:20.55; Robinson, Milford, 10:21.52; Coffin, Nashua South, 10:32.80

55 Hurdles: Cameryn Nichols, BG, 8.71; 4. Sydney Lewis, Nashua South, 9.14

High Jump: Lewis, Nashua South, 5-4; Tori Allen, Campbell, 5-0; Sarah St. Pierre, Nashua North, 4-10; Lambert, Souhegan, 4-10

Long Jump: Viankah Williams, Milford, 16-7; Renee Wilson, Milford, 16-4; Abby Coy, Nashua North, 16-3.25; Hannah Rowe, Souhegan, 16-3; Lewis, Nashua South, 16-1.25

Shot Put: Meredith Basta, BG, 34-2.5


Nashua South: Taylor Mohler, Vanessa Norton, Corita Chartier, Lewis; 1:51.68

Souhegan: Kayla Kilcrease, Rowe, Katie Noyes, Cranney; 1:51.70


Milford: Durham, Robyn Krafft, Wilson, Meg Sawyer; 4:18.27

Nashua North: Haleigh Drew, Emilee Deleo, Alana Choate, Ariana Roberts; 4:19.15


Souhegan: Lambert, Romano, Mackenzie Hayden, Leighton: 9:56.82

Bishop Guertin: Katelyn Grise, Rebecca Ntengeri, Caroline Towle, Julie Nigro; 9:59.59


300: Brazden Ellis, Nashua North, 36.59

600: Luke Hogan, Campbell, 1:26.14

1500: David Vorbach, Nashua North, 4:!2.41; Max Ireland, Nashua North, 4:14.02

3000: Vorbach, Nashua North, 8:44.46; Ireland, Nashua North, 8:57.83

Long Jump: Trevor Gomes, 20-11.25; Triston Delicema, Nashua North, 20-8.75; Brian Genet, Merrimack, 20-0.5

Shot Put: Michael Boucher, Milford, 46-4.75


Nashua North: Vorbach, Colin Miller, Connor Dunning, Ellis: 3:37.41


Nashua North: Bryce Eckenrode, Gediyon Prince, Miller, Joseph Curran; 8:28.71