Talking Eduardo, Edelman and more

What a rally by Eduardo Rodriguez, his July 4 matinee dazzler restoring a normal pulse to a panicked Red Sox Nation.

Six shutout innings over the mighty Bryce Harper and the Nationals (4-17 in the last 21 games)were just the thing to wipe away the memory of successive beatings at the hands of the Yankees and Mariners.

Or were they?

A look inside the numbers, combined with the E-Rod eye test, will speak a bit differently.

Let’s keep it simple, here. Rodriguez vs. teams that matter (that is, potential AL playoff teams, in 2018? You’re talking a 4.50 ERA in four starts.

Against the rest of the wretched refuse in Major League Baseball, 3.64.

This is not to knock Rodriguez at all. The lefty is 10-3, and his stuff is electric. Manager Alex Cora called his change-up one of the best in the league. And he wasn’t lying.

But I tread lightly here, worried if this kid, whom Baltimore dealt away for a rental of reliever Andrew Miller in 2015, is the second coming of David Price – without the $217 million price tag.

Just keep it in mind watch the 25-year-old as the stakes get richer.

Easy on Edelman

Look, I don’t like it one bit, but let’s take the positive out of the recent four-game suspension handed down to Patriot Julian Edelman for PED use. Folks, it happens. NFL players bend the rules. They have to. Look at the game they play. Edelman is coming back off a debilitating knee injury. He’s looking to get back as quickly as possible.

He’s to be admired for that.

And I look at the bright side. He misses four games in September or four extra opportunities to be hurt.

I say the same thing about this as I did Tom Brady’s suspension. Enjoy the break, big fella. This football team needs you on the field when it matters most in January and hopefully February. Get healthy now.

Stray shots

My World Cup quarterfinals picks?

Friday, I’ll go with the prime-time players with Luis Suarez and Uruguay knocking off France and Neymar’s boys from Brazil running Belgium off the pitch.

Saturday, I love the hosts from Russia and their 5-5 zone defense with the best 12th man in this game, dominating from the stands. And in the upset, I like Sweden’s grit over England. …

In the “missed opportunity” category, a unique sports trip might have been a jaunt to Vegas to catch the World Series of Poker main event and the NBA Summer League simultaneously. Oh well, I guess that’s what ESPN is for.

Maybe next year.