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City of Nashua Salary Search

How to search for the salaries of City of Nashua employees

This form will let you search through a database of people who were paid by Nashua in each of the years listed below. This includes all people paid by the school and city government, ranging from the mayor, school superintendent and police chief to part-timers and substitutes.

To run a search, fill in as many of the boxes as you wish; any or all of the boxes can be left blank. Each search examines only the database for that particular year.

The name "Smith" will find anybody with a first or last name containing "Smith," including names like Smithsonian and Goldsmith. Similarly, searching a position with the word "clerk" will find people who work as clerks in the school system, city hall, public works and other departments.

Putting numbers in the box for "salary" - and for some years, "gross pay" - will find all amounts greater than or equal to the search term. For example, "50000" in the salary box will find every city employee whose salary was $50,000 or higher. A blank in a person's salary box indicates that the person was paid by the day or did not have standard annual hours.

If you find a mistake, or have a comment or question about the search box, please contact Dave Brooks at

City of Nashua Employee Salaries

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City of Nashua Employee Salaries - 2013

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Some discrepancies in Nashua employee salary increase disclosed in released reports

NASHUA – If you’re going to be a librarian in the public sector of Nashua, you may find it pays far more to work in … Full story    
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Aldermanic budget committee go back-and-forth with mayor, analyzing employee increases over the years

NASHUA – Mayor Donnalee Lozeau on Tuesday night presented salary increases requested by aldermen for hundreds of city employees, but the information – limited by … Full story    
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Alderman complains some Nashua employees getting much larger pay increases compared with others

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Sunshine week: Retiring workers cost Nashua nearly $1 million in 2012; former deputy fire chief tops the list videocam

NASHUA – Former Police Chief Donald Conley only worked a handful of hours for the city last year. Still, Conley, who stepped down at the … Full story    
Published:  March 11, 2013

Working for city of Nashua can be lucrative

NASHUA – Of the 44 city employees who took home more than $100,000 last year, two-thirds used overtime and other bonus pay to reach six … Full story    
Published:  March 11, 2012

Release of top 500 pension earners fuels more retirement debate

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Published:  November 13, 2011