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U.S. Census 2010

Male-female balancing act in Greater Nashua: Call it even

If the makers of the 1960 film “Where the Boys Are” wanted to redo their tale of teenage angst in today’s Nashua region, where should … Full story    
Published:  October 9, 2011

People stay year-round in Greater Nashua

The U.S. census, held every 10 years, ferrets out lots of interesting and surprising facts, and sometimes its enormous effort ends up generating some interesting, … Full story    
Published:  June 12, 2011

Granite State’s median age tops Florida’s

If there’s any advice lurking in the 2010 census for New Hampshire, it’s this: Build senior centers, not day care centers. Numbers released last week … Full story    
Published:  May 15, 2011

Numbers of young adults fall in Nashua, Hillsborough County

For years New Hampshire has worried about its stagnant supply of young adults, whose fading numbers raised fears of lack of energy or innovation, especially … Full story    
Published:  May 12, 2011

Women over 25 more educated than men

AMHERST – Ruth Krumhansl was not surprised at the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, showing, for the first time, that women outnumber men … Full story    
Published:  May 2, 2011

Census examines vacancies by block

As a once-every-decade snapshot of America, the national census is crammed full of valuable information. Valuable, sure – but sometimes baffling. “I’m surprised at those … Full story    
Published:  April 3, 2011

Census: Minorities now 17% of Nashua’s population

When Foqia Ijaz moved to Nashua from Pakistan, she couldn’t find a grocery store that sold food from her native country.   Today, some 15 years … Full story    
Published:  March 27, 2011

Growth strong in area towns

Southern New Hampshire is no longer seeing the kind of explosive population growth that marked the 1960s through the 1990s, this week’s 2010 U.S. Census … Full story    
Published:  March 24, 2011

2010 census shows little change in Nashua’s population

Nashua’s population hasn’t changed much in the past decade – a minimal decrease, in fact, compared to modest statewide growth, according to U.S. Census Bureau … Full story    
Published:  March 23, 2011

NH tops 1.3 million, keeps Congress seats

New Hampshire’s population has officially topped 1.3 million for the first time, according to the 2010 census, but is growing more slowly than at any … Full story    
Published:  December 22, 2010

Fewer in area returned census forms than in 2000

Greater Nashua returned fewer census forms by mail this year than in 2000, despite a big government push. That decline goes against the national trend: … Full story    
Published:  October 23, 2010

Some P.O. boxes have problems getting census forms

Tens of thousands of people throughout the Nashua region have received their census form and roughly a third have already mailed them back, but there … Full story    
Published:  March 31, 2010

Grassroots Census campaign visits Nashua

NASHUA – Kelli Griffith and Pete McDermott get plenty of questions about their ride: an electric blue cargo van that hauls a matching 14-foot trailer … Full story    
Published:  March 12, 2010

Census 2000: Traditional households common here

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story from 2000 discusses how married couples with children were numerous in Greater Nashua, according to the 2000 census.. The traditional household … Full story    
Published:  February 14, 2010

Census 2000: Brookline led 1990s growth

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story from 2001 talks about how Brookline was the fastest growing town in the region, as shown by the 2000 Census. BROOKLINE … Full story    
Published:  February 14, 2010

Census 2000: How Nashua’s center grew

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story from 2000 examines how Nashua’s high vacancy rates in 1990 spurred big growth of center city neighborhoods. NASHUA – The city’s … Full story    
Published:  February 14, 2010

The U.S. Census Bureau is required under the constitution to count every American once each 10 years, to ensure that Congressional representation is evenly spread out.


The 2010 census forms were turned in April 1, 2010. In December, the bureau released state-by-state population data, which will be used to redistrict the U.S. House of Representatives.


Beginning in February, it will release much more detailed information, clear down the level of individual blocks, about population, race, income, housing and other matters.


Data will be released throughout the first half of 2011. The Telegraph will use that information to take a look at our area in stories to be collected on this page.


For more background information about the bureau and the census, check its web site: www.census.gov/aboutus/#