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NH Primary 2012

Bragdon, Dwyer squaring off in Republican primary in District 11

What Dan Dwyer considers to be special interest money, state Senate President Peter Bragdon sees as campaign supporters. Both men are looking to represent the … Full story    
Published:  August 30, 2012

Romney sweeps primaries in five states

WASHINGTON – Mitt Romney laid claim to the fiercely contested Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night with a fistful of primary triumphs. Eager to turn the … Full story    
Published:  April 25, 2012

Romney faces major test in once-safe Michigan

DETROIT – Once thought to be an easy win for native son Mitt Romney, the Michigan primary has instead turned into one of the stiffest … Full story    
Published:  February 15, 2012

Romney opens double-digit lead in Florida polls

ORLANDO, Fla. – Mitt Romney opened a commanding lead in Florida on Sunday, driving his rivals to start shifting their sights to other states as … Full story    
Published:  January 30, 2012

Nashua poll worker upset about being secretly recorded in voter ID video

NASHUA – Ronni Karlsberg decided to be friendly with the man who asked if he needed to provide identification to receive a presidential primary ballot. … Full story    
Published:  January 27, 2012

Plan to move primary gains

CONCORD – The state Senate voted to set the state primary date two weeks earlier despite the objection of Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who … Full story    
Published:  January 26, 2012

N.H. supporters disappointed with Huntsman exit

Richard Drisko was sitting down to breakfast and a newspaper early Monday when the phone rang, giving him a preview of the day’s top news. … Full story    
Published:  January 17, 2012

Primary 2012 didn’t draw out many big celebrities

The TV satellite trucks have long left New Hampshire, and the Granite State is in the rearview mirror of Republican hopefuls who shook hands and … Full story    
Published:  January 17, 2012

Huntsman bows out; set to endorse Romney

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has decided to end his presidential candidacy and will formally exit the race on Monday, according to two sources briefed … Full story    
Published:  January 16, 2012

As primary buzz leaves New Hampshire, campaign volunteers say their ‘work is done’

NASHUA – For months, local man David Murotake sacrificed extra time with his family and put off projects at work to knock on doors and … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2012

Grass-roots campaigning changing with the times

The 2012 primary, more than any in recent history, showed grass-roots campaigning to be at a crossroads in the first-in-the-nation state, according to activists and … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2012

Ron Paul netted nearly half of the few young voters who turned out Tuesday

Participation among young voters plummeted in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, compared to the state’s 2008 primary, but nearly half of eligible voters younger than 30 … Full story    
Published:  January 12, 2012

With this one just past, 2016 in the works

Early Wednesday morning, less than a day after the close of the 2012 New Hampshire primary, Steve Duprey boarded a plane for Louisiana with his … Full story    
Published:  January 12, 2012

SC beckoning GOP hopefuls

CONCORD – New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary is over, which means for the Republican presidential contenders, it’s off to the Palmetto State. Mitt Romney’s resounding Granite … Full story    
Published:  January 12, 2012

Signs may go almost as soon as candidates

Now that the primary is over, we know what you’re thinking: When are all those campaign signs going away? By a week from Friday at … Full story    
Published:  January 12, 2012

Voters, redeclarers keep poll workers busy

Voter turnout at several Nashua wards was generally described as “steady” by poll officials, and most agree they’ve been a bit surprised by the number … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Voters make cases with ballots, words

After months of listening to candidates, pundits and pollsters, it was finally the voters’ chance to be heard. As with any primary, there was excitement … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Democrats in Nashua didn’t want Republicans to have all the primary fun

NASHUA – From the outside, it looked as if someone forgot to invite the Democrats to the primary dance. But from the inside, Democrats had … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Santorum in a new neck and neck race -- this time for fourth

MANCHESTER – The shooting star that was Rick Santorum came back to earth after Tuesday’s primary. Coming off a neck-and-neck finish with GOP front-runner Mitt … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Huntsman supporters thrilled by third place, but is it enough?

MANCHESTER – Standing shoulder to shoulder at the Black Brimmer American Bar and Grill, supporters of presidential challenger Jon Huntsman didn’t blink an eye Tuesday … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Gingrich greeted warmly despite fourth place finish

MANCHESTER – Undeterred by a triumphiant Mitt Romney declaring victory, Newt Gingrich’s supporters came alive when their candidate greeted them despite his fourth-place finish. Supporters … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Paul happy with second place

MANCHESTER – Maybe second place isn’t so bad after all. Ron Paul and his supporters were jubilant at the finish of New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Polls quiet, turnout normal

NASHUA – With all the clamor from the media coverage of New Hampshire’s presidential primary, you’d think the end of the world was near. On … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Romney stays on message, wins big

MANCHESTER – Mitt Romney cruised to victory in the first-in-the-nation primary Tuesday, hoping it shifts him into an overdrive gear all the way to the … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Local candidates from Milford, Derry get a few votes

Nashua High graduate Benjamin Linn (class of 1991) beat three well-known candidates in his home town, where his 6 votes topped Gary Johnson, Herman Cain … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney takes stage, declares victory

MANCHESTER -- Nearly as soon as the polls closed, Mitt Romney was declared the victor of the New Hampshire Primary. With equal swiftness Romney himself … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Romney scoring well on the economy

Kevin Landrigan reports that Mitt Romney is doing well with voters concerned about the economy and picking a candidate who can defeat Barack Obama. … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Voting on principle and looking to the future in Brookline

BROOKLINE -- Normally, campaign workers stake out their spots outside the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy early on primary day and stay late. But on Tuesday, … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Getting out the vote in Milford, again, again, and again

MILFORD -- Chelsea Einsidler-Moore went to the polls three times on Tuesday: once to vote, and two more times to bring friends. “I Facebooked and … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

In Bedford, Ron Paul backers like consistent message, commitment to Constitution

BEDFORD – Shivering and bundled up in several layers of clothing, Bedford resident Kristin Noble, 38, was one of Ron Paul’s dedicated supporters Tuesday. She … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

All about Obama at Hollis polls

HOLLIS -- Robert Scott of Merrill Lane considers voting his civic duty. But on Tuesday morning what motivated him were the letters “A,” “B,” and … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Early exit polls show big lead for Romney; Huntsman closing in on Paul

The Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan reports from Mitt Romney’s headquarters on what he’s hearing about early exit polling numbers. … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Huntsman surge personified at Manchester appearance

MANCHESTER – If the rising poll numbers didn’t give Jon Huntsman supporters hope heading into Tuesday’s primary election, the turnout at Manchester’s Webster Elementary School … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Primary voting a family affair in Merrimack

MERRIMACK - It was chilly standing outside St. John Neumann Church this morning, but 49-year-old Mark Weithman was fired up. “You’ve got the economy, health … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012

Hudson polls slow, but GOP voters making choices

HUDSON – If anything, Tuesday’s primary will make for good practice for November’s general election. As seen in neighboring Nashua, Hudson had a steady but … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2012