Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

O’Brien’s tax views much clearer now

Letter to the Editor

In the May 1 Telegraph, I read the article about House Speaker William O’Brien, which prompted me to write this letter.

According to the article (“Neighbors say speaker is friendly, can be headstrong”), O’Brien’s house was assessed for $172,000 in 2009 and, according to the Mont Vernon website, the 2011 tax rate is $26.60. This results in a property tax bill of $4,572.20.

My tax bill, using a 2009 assessment, is $6,985.11. I am elderly and retired.

As I read about O’Brien’s assets, I can now understand his strong objection to an income tax, sales tax or any similar revenue-raising tax for New Hampshire residents.

O’Brien and I do have something in common, sort of. He was raised by a career soldier, and I was a career soldier who helped my wife raise six children.

My philosophy on money, material goods and personal responsibility were somewhat like O’Brien’s until my son, while in college, was diagnosed with a mental illness.

It brought me into a whole new world of individuals who espouse personal responsibility but need support and assistance to achieve that status.

Eliminating or reducing the programs that provide this support and assistance, in order to put more money into the pockets of people, is disturbing and simply wrong.

Ed Kirby