Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Beware of city plans to expand ice arena

Letter to the Editor

If you blink, you will miss the indirect communication that the city plans to move the Division of Public Works from Stellos Stadium to another site (for $15 million) and to allow the Conway Arena to add a second ice rink. (April 24: “Public works board OKs land buy”)

I am all for expanding recreation, but not at this site. Traffic is already a problem with the YMCA now snuck in, which also allows for an expansion of Pratt Homes. And don’t forget the new condos going in across the street with only one access point, Route 111.

Neighbors need to speak up quickly. Remember that Stellos Stadium violated city parking ordinances and needed waivers, then Conway was snookered in with more waivers.

Fast-forward to the quick and quiet land swap for the YMCA with more parking waivers and now another ice rink. I am not even sure how this is legal. In addition, the city has plans to also place another indoor pool or an indoor sports field there, too.

Mayor, for all that is currently at Stellos, how many parking spots would actually be required to comply with our laws and how many are there now?

If you add it all up (Stellos, Conway, the YMCA, etc.) it equates to a certain traffic nightmare and safety issue for the surrounding neighborhoods and Nashua High School South.

If you don’t speak up now, they will suspend the rules and you will be stuck with it. Then they will be suggesting a traffic circle, too.

Enough is enough.

George Stergion