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Friday, May 4, 2012

Hansen, Wheeler mistaken on rail

Letter to the Editor

Last week, Rep. Peter Hansen, R-Amherst, congratulated Executive Councilor David Wheeler for his vote to torpedo a study bringing commuter rail to Nashua and points north. (April 25: “Wheeler rail vote protecting taxpayers”)

His reasoning – his one point – is that commuter rail service is not profitable anywhere where it exists.

And this is why the likes of Hansen and Wheeler should be voted out of office.

Government is not a business. Government should not be run like a business. Government exists, at least in this country, to ensure justice, promote the general welfare, to enable citizens to pursue happiness and to provide for national defense.

Government is not designed to be profitable, let alone make money on every expenditure. It’s this kind of backward, nonsensical thinking that hinders Republicans. Think Mitt Romney. Government is not designed as a vulture-capitalist venture.

Commuter rail service from New Hampshire to Boston and its northern suburbs would allow more people to live here and commute there, as well as to shop and play here.

Rail makes sense. Do Hansen and Wheeler know that government funding helped build the transcontinental railway? The interstate highway system?

Though those two projects cost more then they made, they certainly enhanced commerce. Where would we be without them?

Their ignorance on this local commuter rail issues suggests they don’t understand history, and they don’t understand the role of government.

It also shows how out of touch they are and why voters should oust both come November.

Roger Tilton