Monday, February 27, 2017
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ayotte not ready to be Romney VP

Letter to the Editor

As one who voted for Kelly Ayotte when she ran for the Senate, it pains me to say she is not ready for national prime time as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

She needs to spend more time in her job in the Senate, and her skills in responding to constituents’ requests need a lot of honing. Taking four months to reply to a citizens’s request with lots of weasel words and legal gobbledegook is just not acceptable.

We need a senator who will spend the majority of her time on New Hampshire business and do less running around the country for a presidential candidate.

Ayotte is sorely lacking in experience, and Romney needs someone with more name recognition than “Kelly Who.”

The last time this country selected someone with only two years of senatorial experience for a national office we got stuck with Barack Obama – and look at the mess we are in.

I want to see Romney beat Obama, and he will not win it with a “Kelly Who” as his running mate.

Richard L. Fortin