Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are Ayotte, Bass looking out for us?

Letter to the Editor

I recently received an email from our junior senator, Kelly Ayotte, claiming that the Affordable Care Act is “an affront to freedom.”

Of course, it goes on to drone the same regurgitated nonsense that all of the other Republicans – coincidentally – are currently spewing.

It seems more than a little ironic to me that a government employee who has adopted her party’s platform that “government cannot create jobs” but has somehow managed to create hers – and that has provided her one hell of a benefits package, as well – has the audacity to tell the other 99.99 percent that they are somehow undermining the Founding Fathers’ intentions by paying for and accepting health care coverage.

Between Rep. Charlie Bass, whose email informed me of his expeditious actions to “fix Medicare,” mostly by gutting it and leaving hundreds of thousands of elderly New Hampshire residents high and dry, and Ayotte “defending our freedom” to live without health care, I hope the residents of New Hampshire have their retirement health care and income plans all tied down.

I wonder what other ideas they have to “take care of us?”

Armand L. Circharo Jr.