Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Friday, April 27, 2012

China silent enemy of America today

Letter to the Editor

I recently read a column in The Sunday Telegraph that stated China’s sluggish economy is going to drag us down. (March 25: “Will China drag us down?”)

Actually, our excessive spending and China’s unfair trade practices are going to destroy America. Deficit spending will have the biggest negative impact on this economy going forward on our children and their future.

I hear numerous people trying to compare the two economies and countries, but it can’t be done.

China is a communist entity that practices its brand of capitalism, where the government tells you where you live, work, your wage, etc.

The Chinese are now the largest buyers of gold and precious metals. They are building an economy that is going to be based on hard assets, not paper promissory notes.

We are China’s largest debtor, which is the culmination of many years of our government incompetence and the selling out of the middle class by our elected officials.

China’s plan all along has been to lay back and watch us self-destruct, laughing as we run all over as the world’s policeman and spending ourselves into oblivion.

We are playing right into its hands. Our government has become corrupt and dysfunctional, driven by greed and power.

President Barack Obama and his progressive followers’ agenda has been clear from the start. They want a socialist society.

Wake up, America, before its too late.

James Wood