Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Keep Bronstein, get rid of parkway

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in reference to the front page of April 18, which contained a photo of a family and an article about the Bronstein apartments (“Bronstein residents wait to hear / Nonprofit meets to gauge their concerns”).

If you take a computer or telephone poll, I’m positive Nashua residents do not want this Broad Street Parkway “dream road” over the river or all these people out of their homes of many years.

All that money would be better spent rehabbing their apartments and many other buildings for residents. A good example is Sullivan Terrace.

We don’t need a new bridge; there are many ways around Nashua to avoid the downtown bridge.

Recently, there was another article about Hudson giving ground beef containing “pink slime” to the poor instead of schoolchildren. (April 9: “ District won’t let kids eat slime / In Hudson, hamburg goes to poor instead”)

Why not just give it to Humane Society instead of poor children?

I know I’m not alone in being upset over that article, and I hope you received complaints such as mine many times over.

Claire Murphy