Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wheeler rail vote protecting taxpayers

Letter to the Editor

Recently, Executive Councilor David Wheeler, R-Milford, visited Nashua’s mayor and Board of Aldermen, who were upset that he wouldn’t agree to flush thousands of your dollars down the toilet to study passenger rail service.

What Wheeler knows and what the politicians mentioned above should know is there is no self-sustaining commuter rail line in the U.S. Why would anyone believe studying this issue would change the outcome?

One must ask, if there were even a possibility of profitability, why haven’t the owners of the rail lines offered the service? The opportunity is so remote that they aren’t maintaining the tracks beyond the point of serviceability for freight.

Attempting to sweeten the perception of viability is a proposal to spend $1.4 million to support a combination rail/bus “park-and-drive “facility in the city.

Really? Insist commuter buses travel into the inner city during rush hours to service commuter passengers. That should add about a half hour to the bus commute driving in and out of Nashua to the interstate.

You ask how is Wheeler protecting you? If passenger rail service were to be introduced, every single town and city in every county from Coos to the Massachusetts border would be forced to subsidize the guaranteed losses of this misadventure.

Every community in the state is screaming “foul” on perceived downshifting of costs, yet they haven’t acted to prevent this absurd venture.

Wheeler is doing something about it. He should be lauded, not lambasted. After all, it’s your money, New Hampshire.

Rep Peter T. Hansen