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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ward 9 meeting gets rave reviews

Letter to the Editor

After an absence of four years, the residents of Ward 9 had the privilege of attending a ward meeting April 9 led by Ward 9 Alderman Dan Moriarty at the New Searles Elementary School.

It was a pleasure to hear directly from our elected alderman, who presented an overview of Board of Aldermen activity since he was elected and took questions from those in attendance.

It was refreshing to hear his decision-making process and position on the issues without it first being spun and filtered by the mayor, board president and other aldermen, who think Nashua taxpayers will pay for anything that is brought before them at the eleventh-hour and needs to be rushed through without careful review and analysis.

Dan’s management/engineering approach to decision-making will unquestionably become an asset to the city and other board members who want to make their decisions with purpose, reason and common sense – not blindly follow the president’s lead.

There is a minority on the board who champion a slow, detailed, all-options-considered approach to spending taxpayers’ money. We support all those aldermen who recognize the necessity for reason and good judgment, while taking into consideration the needs of the entire city before making large purchases.

U.S. Rep. Charles Bass, R-N.H., and state Rep. Bill Ohm, R-Nashua, also made brief comments and took questions from the audience.

Without downplaying the comments made by the invited guests, we believe the highlight of the evening was the portion pertaining to the city and particularly to Ward 9.

Bill and Laurie Sutton