Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project would alter character of Amherst

Letter to the Editor

As you enter Amherst Center from the West and take the off-ramp from Route 101, there is a small strip of land on the right.

You might have noticed it because the owner, a developer, cleared out most of the trees in anticipation of building a high-density, multifamily housing development.

The project has been before the Planning Board a number of times during the past six months without being granted approval to move forward. The next attempt will be at the April 18 meeting.

The piece of land is a thin rectangle of 11 acres, where the owner wants to build 18-19 units, each no bigger than 1,300 square feet. Due to wetlands and setback limitations, the entire buildable land would be covered by a road and the buildings.

Beyond the density problems, the site does not meet the noise requirements for housing. If this project were to be approved and the noise problem continues, the builder could fix the problem by installing a tall wall along the property facing Route 101.

We have all seen this type of noise abatement wall along the highways, many covered with graffiti. This would destroy the character of the town entrance from Route 101 and is completely out of character with Amherst.

Virtually all the abutters of this property are against this development. We hope that if you want to preserve the character of the town, you will make your views know to the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board.

Tim and Terry Gallagher