Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Health care needs a 28th Amendment

Letter to the Editor

Why is nobody suggesting we should tackle the health insurance reform issue in accordance with the Constitution and the law?

Considering that we have the worst (most expensive but underperforming) health care system in the world – compared to the best health care (for those who can afford it) – and that Obamacare addresses mainly “insurance reform,” why don’t we realize the concept of insurance is based on the principle that the risks are spread as broadly as possible?

Since we as a nation were smart enough 100 years ago to understand that a government needs money to function – and thus passed the 16th Amendment, establishing the Internal Revenue Service for everybody – why don’t we understand now that we need a 28th Amendment establishing a health care insurance system covering and involving everybody?

Not a socialistic, single-payer system like Canada and Great Britain, but universal health care modeled on the public utility concept used successfully in Europe, e.g., Switzerland, as elaborated on by Fareed Zakaria in Time magazine recently.

And nevermind that catching up with the rest of the civilized nations will help our reputation worldwide.

We need a bipartisan discussion, not bullying through a new law on a partisan basis.

Martin Michaelis