Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Voters face choice on Medicare plans

Letter to the Editor

To respond to Emily Bloch’s letter regarding the changing of Medicare (April 4: “Ryan endorsement rather predictable”), both Rep. Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama’s plans will change Medicare as you know it, and to believe otherwise is to be badly misinformed.

Ryan openly admits it, whereas Obama and the Democrats keep the details hidden.

The real point missed by many is that Ryan’s plan changes Medicare from a single-payer (federal government), fee-for-service medical program to a limited cost, citizen-controlled medical program.

The former is open ended without limits to the costs to the taxpayer unless rationing is invoked. The latter provides choices, limits the cost to the federal government and avoids bankruptcy because Medicare as you know it is unsustainable.

The choice is up to voters whether they want to continue to have a federal government-controlled, one-size-fits-all system or whether they want to be able to use their tax money to control their own medical plans.

Before the general election, each voter should understand the benefits and risks, not blindly follow ideology.

Timothy Tiches