Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Focus on learning rather than scores

Letter to the Editor

As a prospective educator, I can’t help being irked by the April 4 article titled “Every school in Nashua now designated ‘in need of improvement.’”

All I ever see in the newspaper about schools pertains to test scores. Like the article said, the Adequate Yearly Progress requirements for scores increase every year.

This puts pressure on teachers, especially those whose students have not tested well in the past. I feel like there is a possibility that some educators may start teaching students for their scores, not for their individual development.

I have the same mentality as the principal interviewed in the article. Potential for long-term development always trumps test scores.

Educators need to keep teaching as if they are not concerned with scores. With No Child Left Behind, the government is putting pressure on teachers to go about their job in a different way.

There is more to school than academics. It is also time for the child to advance socially as well as intellectually. Too much pressure is being placed on these teachers to have their students produce good test scores.

Despite No Child Left Behind and the increasing standards of testing proficiency, teachers should not forget the role that they should assume. I plead to all teachers to focus on teaching and helping each student to grow.

Test scores should always take second priority to the wellness and development of a child.

Scott Davidson