Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tribute appreciated for Rosemary Todd

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for printing the tribute to Rosemary Todd, of Hollis, who recently died at age 102 (March 3: “Local woman dies at age 102 / Rosemary Todd had attended 80th reunion at Cornell University”).

At a time when it feels as if women are struggling to be heard, it is very important to read of the life of an activist, born before women had the right to vote.

Mrs. Todd was a role model, interested and involved in community and the political process, even as her life passed the century mark. She was a supporter of women in government and saw women as driven by the cause, not the politics.

I was privileged to be a candidate that Mrs. Todd supported, even though she was a lifelong Republican, I a Democrat. We shared a commitment to promoting civility and problem solving in our political process.

As an aside, we laughed when we learned we also shared the same hairdresser and asked each other, “How could a beautician be so talented as to make such variation in hair as punked (mine) or elegant (hers)?”

When the world loses a role model, all are affected. But role models impact way beyond their time.

We honor Mrs. Todd as an example of a woman who influenced by deed and inspiration. We must also see her life as a call to action for women of all ages to be involved in our political process.

Peggy Gilmour