Monday, February 27, 2017
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

PolitiFact deserves ‘pants on fire’ rating

Letter to the Editor

Please remove articles written by PolitiFact from your paper or put them on the opinion page where they belong.

I have written to this organization several times, asking it to describe the political biases of the individuals writing these articles, and my requests have been ignored. The only response I received never addressed my question.

The latest article (July 20: “Romney’s claim about Obama not exactly true”) has a misleading headline. Why is the headline “not exactly true,” but the finding is “barely true”?

You spent most of the article reprinting Obama’s speech but never bothered to print Romney’s in complete form, when he is the person being reviewed for factualness. The answer is clear: You have the man elected you want, and you hope to keep it that way, so why cloud the issue with “facts.”

I believe I have been able to take its ratings and make them unbiased. The correct evaluation is derived by taking its answer and moving it one step toward “true” if the article is about something a conservative said and to move it one step toward “false” if it is addressing something a liberal said.

Could The Telegraph please print the names and titles of the people in PolitiFact and also what their political leanings are in each individual case? I am willing to bet there is not a conservative in the bunch.

Right now, I give PolitiFact a “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire” for saying it is unbiased.

Michael U. Bosowski