Monday, February 27, 2017
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Why can’t evolution, creationism coexist?

Letter to the Editor

It’s sad that people have to try to pit evolution against creationism; personally I don’t see a conflict. It’s a losing battle that only pits one group against another for no good reason.

What I do see is two groups that feel their belief must be perceived as the correct one. Creationism can no more be proved than evolution. No one observed creationism nor documented it, and no one has lived long enough to observe the evolution of man.

The Bible is not proof. It’s a fallacy to believe that we exist by pure chance because you believe in evolution.

Here’s a thought for both parties: If God intended believers to believe in him on pure faith, then there should be no proof that he exists, which is the definition of faith.

To satisfy the curiosity of those who might like to explore the origination of man and conceal any evidence of creation, he would have to create a world where all research into the history of man’s existence should have continuity.

If man’s existence has continuity, then changes in man (due to his environment, learning, etc.) would cause the appearance of evolution. In essence, man wasn’t created speaking English, French or any other language; he learned to communicate.

Similarly, he wasn’t created with the ability build homes, airplanes, etc.; he learned the sciences.

Man has changed with time no matter how you look at it; the theories creationism and evolution can coexist.

Carl Ricard