Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foster grandparent opposes budget cut

Letter to the Editor

I am a relative newbie to the state’s Foster Grandparent program, but I’m very concerned that we may lose our state funding.

Some of the things I do as a volunteer are helping students to improve their reading and math skills by working with them individually, helping them improve their writing and thinking skills, and helping them learn better behavior patterns.

These skills will help the children progress further in school and help more of them to graduate high school and go on to higher education.

This program has been a great help to me personally by giving me a reason to get up in the morning and giving me a small financial boost to my income. Because I walk to and from my school, I have found an increased improvement in my health and overall well-being, too.

It is such a pleasure to see a child’s smile and to give a “high five” when they have improved their spelling scores or are able to read a story without stumbling on the words.

Our program does so much for children. Times are tough all over, but taking away funding for our children’s education programs is not the answer to our budget problems. Education of our children now will increase our future graduating numbers, which will in turn increase earnings and reduce social supports.

I implore state lawmakers to reconsider the proposal to eliminate all senior corps programs. They are so important to our children and seniors.

Linda White