Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Romney should embrace his record

Letter to the Editor

This Friday, we welcome the presidential hopefuls to the Granite State for the Presidential “Summit on Spending and Job Creation” hosted by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 29, at The Executive Court in Manchester.

This is an important opportunity for the candidates to present their visions for one of the top issues facing Granite Staters – access to high quality, affordable health care.

The only Republican candidate to lay out a sweeping vision for health care reform and then actually implement it, receiving kudos from policy experts and his Massachusetts constituents alike, is Mitt Romney. To be clear, I don’t agree with Mitt Romney on everything and this is far from an endorsement, but health care reform is something on which he and I can find common ground, and he deserves the credit.

Health care is Romney’s signature accomplishment and one to be bragged about, not dismissed. Massachusetts health reform, with its individual responsibility provision and ground-breaking “marketplace” exchanges, has been a shining example for policy makers across the nation.

So the question is which Mitt Romney will show up at Friday’s presidential forum? Will it be the Romney attempting to distance himself from his signature bipartisan accomplishment? Or will it be the Romney who embraces the fact that his constituents are now able to afford the health care they need?

We can only hope that Mitt Romney’s historic leadership on this issue will encourage the other Republican presidential hopefuls to outline their realistic plans for a healthier New Hampshire and a healthier America.

State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald

Nashua Ward 3