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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brookline police union supporting its chief

Letter to the Editor

The members of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 93, Local 3657, of the Brookline Police Department have voted unanimously to support our chief of police, William. H. Quigley III.

The union members feel the Board of Selectmen made the right choice in hiring Chief Quigley due to his many years of experience, his positive behavior and work ethic that he has brought to the position.

Having worked directly with Chief Quigley since Oct. 25, 2010, the morale in the agency has been very high. Chief Quigley has brought a synergy of forward thinking and positive change to the organization.

The union membership has been part of the process of change, and everyone has had the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts, which has made the organization more forward thinking. The management decisions made so far have been supported fully by the union membership due to efforts made by the chief to get each member’s input.

Through all this, the chief has been an inspiration to the members of the organization and has facilitated positive change that has had a great impact on the operations of the department in order to streamline workload and the timely completion of the work being done by the department members.

This has led to the achievement of short-term goals and the enhancement of group cohesion among the department members.

Joseph Freda

Chapter Chair

AFSCME Council 93, Local 3657

Brookline Police Department