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Saturday, November 6, 2010

FairPoint not to blame for service problems

Letter to the Editor

On Monday, some media outlets erroneously reported that phone service problems experienced by the New Hampshire Democratic and Republican parties were caused by FairPoint Communications.

Later reports confirmed that unusually high call volume caused congestion on another phone service provider’s system, and their phone traffic came to an abrupt halt. It is worth noting that FairPoint’s network performed flawlessly over the past few days as it has for some time now.

As the state’s largest telephone and communications provider, FairPoint has the infrastructure and technology to handle tremendous call volumes. While some may have appreciated the sudden stoppage of political calls, the capability to handle demanding situations is critical, especially in times of crisis. Special credit goes to our employees for keeping our system running impeccably.

FairPoint’s core network extends beyond traditional voice offerings and was built with the capacity to quickly move large amounts of data. We have made significant investments in our new fiber-based network called VantagePoint, which provides the dedicated bandwidth to support multiple users and bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing and e-learning.

Since April 2008, FairPoint has invested more than $46.6 million in the communications infrastructure and technology, including building more than 283 miles of new fiber across the region. This investment provides New Hampshire residents and businesses with a network they can count on.

Teresa Rhodes Rosenberger

FairPoint Communications

State President New Hampshire