It’s the economy, stupid: We’ll suffer from Democratic Party rule

I admit to being shocked when the November election saw the Democrats take over the New Hampshire House of Representatives, the state Senate and the Executive Council. I was shocked, because I never expected such a wholesale change when things were going so well. Now, New Hampshire’s previously solid and improving situation is in jeopardy. Too many voters were caught up by the constant drumbeat of hate from the media and the Democrats and then voted against their own best interests. We heard that we needed to “Send Trump a message!” Was setting our economic house on fire really the best way to do that? Trump’s still president, and if the increasingly radical Democrat Party is successful in fundamentally transforming New Hampshire, we’ll suffer from their disastrous economic policies. In 2018, too many people forgot the truism: “It’s the economy, stupid.” The result?

Stand by for higher business taxes. Democrats are determined not to just squeeze, but to choke the Golden Goose. They seek to undo the sound economic policies that allowed our businesses and our economy to thrive (see HB 623-FN). They plan to increase business taxes, even though the improved economic conditions created by Republican tax-cuts have generated record revenue. In their never-ending quest for more of your dollars, it seems the Dems don’t care if they make New Hampshire even less competitive. And we will pay for those new taxes in the form of higher product and service costs.

The Family Medical Leave Act (HB 712-FN), is the “Trojan Horse” the Democrats are once again pushing up to our border. Inside that Trojan Horse is an income tax. It will start small, but once it’s in place, it will be permanent and ever-growing. That’s been the historical case in every other state that has gone down that confiscatory road. The Democrats claim to want family medical leave, but what they really want is that income tax. How can I say that? There are private sector insurance products for those who voluntarily want to buy this medical leave coverage. In the last session, Republicans introduced an amendment to the Democrat FMLA bill (2018 HB 628) that would make those private plans available to New Hampshire workers without imposing an income tax, and the Democrats voted that down. For Democrats, it is “income tax or bust.” We need to RUN, not walk, away from their disastrous income tax idea.

And there will be even higher energy costs (see SB 124). Everyone needs electricity. The higher costs mandated by Democrat feel-good energy policies will hit the poor the hardest, while making our tax-strapped businesses even less competitive. You think your electric bill is high now? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Then there’s that “living wage” thing (see HB 178 and HB 186). I agree that people can’t live on the minimum wage, but they aren’t supposed to. Those low-paying jobs are a gateway into the workforce for teenagers and immigrants. Hell, why not make the minimum wage $50, everyone can live on that. Democrats don’t seem to understand that they can’t make our businesses hire or stay. When you combine the higher business taxes, with higher energy costs and higher payroll costs, you have created the perfect formula for job destruction and business relocation.

The best social program is a good job. When people are working, there is less drug and alcohol abuse, less domestic violence, less child neglect and less need for welfare. But the economic policies the Democrat seek to impose will destroy jobs and stifle growth. Ironically, the Dems will then exploit this damage to claim the need for even more spending on government social programs to solve the problems they create.

At least we had the good sense to re-elect Gov. Chris Sununu. He can veto the most outrageous and destructive things that Democrats will attempt over the next two years, and thankfully, there are still enough Republicans to sustain those vetoes.

When the destructive radicalism of today’s Democrats becomes undeniably apparent to all, and when people are ready to resume meaningful progress to a better tomorrow, your Constitutional Conservatives stand ready. With your support in 2020, we’ll resume our role as stewards protecting your liberty and your wallet. We’ll make sure that government grows at a sustainable rate without the need for income or sales taxes. We’ll maintain an environment conducive to job growth and wealth generation. And we’ll make sure that government is once again your servant and NOT your master.

Kevin Scully is a former state representative. He resides in Nashua.