All I want for Christmas is …

Although I am well beyond my years of writing letters to that jolly big guy from the North Pole and I’m at that age where I am fortunate enough to no longer be in need of material things, while sipping my morning coffee, I pondered what I might say to the man from up north were I to pen a letter to him today. Here are some thoughts that come to mind:

Dear Santa:

I hope all is well in the North Pole and that this letter finds you in good health. I know you probably have thousands of letters to read from deserving youngsters who write to you each Christmas season. I hope you can find the time to read this one and consider at least a few of its petitions. Although they are not toys, material things or something elves can produce in a workshop, we consider you the symbol of hope and caring in the world, something that we desperately need now more than ever.

To start, please help our elected officials, especially those in our nation’s capital, realize the urgent need to work together to fix what is wrong in our country, to stop the political bickering and in-fighting and do the job they were elected to do. Help them understand that we are all tired of the squabbling, name-calling and childish behavior reported on the news every morning.

And speaking of the news, please help the media see the need to share more “good news” stories. We see plenty of the bad news and scandals every day, but there is also a lot of good happening in the world. Perhaps doses of good news will put a more positive spin on and help de-stress everyone’s lives?

Allow those who were born with a drug addiction to find the help they need and allow those who freely choose drugs as an alternative, especially anyone who is a parent, realize that it’s a very poor choice and that help is available to assist them in exorcising that demon. And please help us find the root cause of this national crisis to stop it once and for all.

Please protect all military personnel and first responders, who put their lives on the line every day to keep us from harm and assist us in ways unbeknownst to many. Unlike Spider-man, Batman and Captain Marvel, these folks are the true super heroes who sacrifice all and should be revered, thanked and given the utmost respect every day.

Help us find a way to stop these insane mass shootings, especially in our schools, where innocent children are gunned down in a place where they should always feel safe. I can remember having the typical scuffles, drug and alcohol issues in school, but I never worried that I may not come home at the end of the day.

Please help us remember the true meaning of Christmas and that it all started with that little baby who lay in a manger over 2,000 years ago. And help those who don’t believe, to be understanding and considerate to those who do.

Please help those who are able and want to work, find jobs with decent wages for employers who care. And for those who are able and choose not to work, perhaps provide them a little shot of ambition.

Please help those who were affected by any disaster, natural or otherwise, find some comfort this Christmas season and help them soon find normalcy in their lives.

And finally, please help us all realize that it feels good to give. Yes, the bell ringers with kettles seem to be everywhere we turn. But help us find it in our hearts to drop some cash into one every so often. Also, to take advantage of any opportunity to volunteer at our places of worship, a food pantry, or soup kitchen, as money and gifts are not the only thing needed. And help us to not forget our little four-legged friends at the animal shelters waiting for their forever home. They need help too!

Admittedly, I’m not the greatest cook in the world, so I hope you enjoy the Oreos I leave for you, along with the Almond Milk. One can never be too careful in these days of allergies and diet restrictions. And those carrots I’m leaving for the reindeer – Organic! I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Santa! Thanks for listening.

Don Canney is a longtime resident of Nashua and an occasional guest columnist for The Telegraph.