The Nationalist Party of Trump is killing the Republicans

Shortly following the November election I attended a meeting with Republican candidates. New candidates and candidates for re-election; several well-known with outstanding track records. Regardless, all lost their election; not a single candidate present was left standing.

The reasons for losing asserted by each candidate who spoke that evening was predictable: should have spent more money on advertising, needed more supporters holding signs and knocking on doors, not enough mailings, should have made more phone calls, made more speeches, done more opposition research. One candidate berated the NH Republican Party for inadequate support. Another could not believe voters would vote against their own interests. Others lamented the Democrats had raised more money and showed more enthusiasm. Several implored everyone to begin organizing right now for the next election.

What struck me is how delusional all these excuses were. Of all who spoke that evening, only one candidate mentioned Trump.

While Trump holds office the Republicans will lose. It does not matter how much organizing, money and effort Republicans will devote to their next election. Not until Trump is exorcized will Republicans win again:

Jews will vote against Trump, who called neo-Nazis carrying swastikas in a torchlight parade in Charlottesville shouting “Jews shall not replace us,” “fine people” and who evokes anti-Semitism with his “America First” slogan that endorsed Nazi Germany before Pearl Harbor.

Latino voters will vote against Trump who threatens a ragtag “caravan” with 15,000 armed troops, separates children from their parents, wants established constitutional law on birthright eliminated with an Executive Order and insists on a $25 Billion wall along the entire Mexican border.

Black voters who have seen no benefits from Trump’s presidency will continue in large numbers to vote democratic.

Voters educated in the American Political Tradition who consider Trump’s belligerent, accusatory, factually imprecise and grammatically infantile speeches and tweets highly prejudiced and prejudicial if not mentally unstable will vote against Trump.

Conservative Republicans who hold dear traditional values of fiscal restraint, open international trade, smaller government, lowered federal debt and balanced annual budgets will vote against Trump.

Voters who see the Trump tax cut as mostly benefitting the rich, piled entirely on the federal debt without compensating reduced spending will vote against Trump.

Voters who fear the devastating effects of climate change on the health and well-being of themselves and their children will vote against Trump who denies climate change and wants to pollute our air with more coal dust and our oceans, lakes, rivers and lands with more industrial waste, while increasingly intense fires, floods and wind storms destroy our homes.

Traditional voters who want the USA to continue providing financial and moral leadership in the world will vote against Trump, who is ravaging international relationships that took a hundred years and US victory in two world wars to build.

Each door knocked on by a Republican candidate may deliver a Democrat or an Independent voter, for every Republican candidate carries the “Stigma of Trump” on his back.

There are now three parties in the USA: the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Nationalist Party of Trump. The Nationalist Party of Trump is killing the Republican Party.

Fred Teeboom is a former alderman-at-large and author of Nashua’s spending cap. He is a long-standing registered Republican and a 46-years resident of Nashua.