In recent years, a popular trend on social media has been to name something in which you are thankful for each day in November.

Not one to follow trends, it did get me to thinking about what I am most thankful for in my life. So, here goes – 30 things for which I am thankful – some serious, some not so serious:

1. Being raised by wonderful parents that loved me, taught me to have a good moral compass and to treat everyone with respect, no matter what.

2. My brother, who also is my best friend.

3. A career I love that affords me the opportunity to have an impact on thousands of lives each day.

4. A roof over my head.

5. Food in my cupboard.

6. The many friendships I have developed through the years in the different communities I have worked.

7. The many friendship with coworkers, past and present. Newspapers are like families, and The Telegraph is no different.

8. To never have gone hungry or wonder where my next meal is coming from.

9. To never want for any of the necessities in life.

10. To have had the opportunity to visit and travel the United States.

11. Although I do not have many family members left, I am thankful for those who remain and for those who are gone.

12. To have had the opportunity to meet and interact with may people considered “famous,” where it be politicians, actors/actresses, athletes, etc. (On a side note, “famous” people are normal people that make millions).

13. Computers and technology, especially my cell phone.

14. Chocolate.

15. Peanut butter.

16. New Hampshire.

17. Newspapers – all newspaper.

18. Books.

19. My health. Although I’m starting to get older – 42 – I am blessed to be upright and without major health issues.

20. America.

21. Veterans.

22. Charity groups.

23. My faith and my church.

24. Music.

25. Spell check.

26. Freedom.

27. Baseball.

28. Ear plugs – I couldn’t sleep without them.

29. Fond memories.

30. Turkey – it is Thanksgiving, after all.

31. Every day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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