You really are not getting the full story from everyone

Nothing tugs on the emotions more than the cries of a child. Reasoning and circumstance go by the wayside, because one’s focus is on that poor child. You’re caught up in the moment and you don’t care why the child is crying, you just want to help the child stop crying. Nobody likes to see children being upset.

When your emotions settle down and judgment kicks in, you start to wonder what is making the child cry. But we can’t see why in a photograph, because we’re not there; we just see a child crying and we cry for it. We need to step back and try to distinguish fantasy from reality. Are these children in actuality being ripped from their mothers’ arms? Are their mothers and fathers even with them? In fact, as more detention center figures are being revealed, we find that thousands of mothers and fathers are sending their innocent children on a long trip across several countries to the American borders – unaccompanied. This is abhorrent. Shouldn’t then our outrage be directed against those parents? Even when parents accompany their children, they are still breaking the law by crossing the border illegally, and they willingly put their children in jeopardy to do so. Why aren’t you outraged against the parents?

When an American citizen commits a crime and goes to prison, they are separated from their children. Where is your outrage then? When innocent babies are ripped from the womb, where is your outrage?

The media have created this recent hysteria about crying children. The Associated Press is aiding and abetting their fellow liberal, so-called “news” buddies: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC and continually distort the facts showing photos of innocent children that give nothing but shock value. Shame on our two New Hampshire Senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan and our two New Hampshire Congressional legislators (although I use the term ‘legislators’ loosely) Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter who all fall lock-step into the Washington, D.C., Democrat talking points perpetuating the lies and distortions by claiming that the Obama administration is totally innocent. Perhaps you remember the “recent” photo of the children sleeping in a cage that the liberal media passed off as “current” only to be found out that the photo was taken during the Obama administration in 2014. They are masters at feeding on voters’ emotions.

They are so caught up in their white hot blinding hatred for President Donald Trump that they have lost their moral compass. Oh, and isn’t it interesting how the Democrats have created this hysteria just a few months before the elections? A coincidence? Me thinks not.

Before some of you try to accuse me of being an unfeeling, bigot, racist and all those other names libs use when one disagrees with them, you are clueless. I cry and I love, too. I am kind, caring and considerate. I’m also realistic.

Don’t be led to the voting booth by images of poor innocent children. You are not getting the full story.

Di Lothrop is a resident of Nashua.