Stricter gun control means government tyranny

The gun smoke had barely cleared from the 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where Stephen Paddock committed his atrocity, before Democrat politicians, late-night TV hosts and other left-wing types were calling for “common sense gun laws” to prevent further such acts. It is remarkable how these folks focus on the weapon rather than the person who used it. For example, if Mr. Paddock had driven a truck into the 22,000 people at that concert, would they focus on the truck or the driver? Keep in mind that an ISIS inspired Moroccan drove a truck into a Bastille Day crown in Nice France in July 2016 and killed 86 and injured another 458 people. The whole focus was on the driver and his heinous act and not the tool he used, but that is not what happens in this country.

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