Group announces dates for candidate forum

It is a mystery to many in local government that voters will head to the polls to vote for representatives in Washington D.C., but neglect to vote in municipal elections where their vote has a direct impact on their daily lives. Nashuans have the opportunity to set a positive example for the state and the country this November by voting in their municipal elections. Municipal elections are non-partisan, and several races are shaping up to give voters a wide choice as to who will represent them.

To assist voters in the decision-making process, the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire, in partnership with The Telegraph and Nashua Public Library, is conducting four candidate forums for citizens in Nashua to meet and learn more about each aldermanic candidate. All forums will be in the Chandler wing of the Nashua Public Library, and will begin at 6:30 p.m. Three events will be for ward candidates, and one for those running for alderman-at-large. The dates are as follows:

September 27: Wards 4, 5, 6

October 19: Aldermen-at-Large

October 25: Wards 7, 8, 9

November 1: Wards 1, 2, 3

The Alderman-at-Large event will be moderated by Liz Tentarelli, president of the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire. Questions will be prepared in advance and attendees can submit questions in writing at the event. Six candidates are running to fill the three Alderman-at-Large seats: Mark Cookson and Dan Moriarty, incumbents, along with Shoshanna Kelly, David Tencza, Brandon Laws and Chris Williams, who are first-time candidates for this position. Longtime Alderman-at-Large, David Deane, is not seeking re-election

Forums for ward alderman positions will be conducted in a similar question and answer format. League members will facilitate, and citizens will be able to pose questions to the candidates.

The following candidates have filed:

Ward 1: Sean McGuiness; Jan Schmidt.

Ward 2: Richard Dowd .

Ward 3: David Schoneman; Patricia Klee .

Ward 4: Tom Lopez; Arthur Craffey Jr.

Ward 5: Don LeBrun; Ernest Jette .

Ward 6: Ken Gidge; Efstathis Booras.

Ward 7: June Caron.

Ward 8: Mary Ann Melissi-Golja; David MacLaughlin.

Ward 9: Kevin Flynn; Linda Harriott-Gathright; Iang Jeon.

If you are uncertain about which ward you reside in, you can find that information on the city of Nashua’s website. The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the city of Nashua and, as such, is the policy-making entity of the city, except where otherwise expressed in the city charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of nine ward aldermen elected for a term of two years at every municipal election and sixth at-large aldermen elected for a term of four years, three of whom are elected at each municipal election.

Want to see investments in the riverfront or not? The aldermen make that decision. Do you find parking meters to be a hassle or not? The aldermen make that decision. Want a stop sign on your street? Your alderman can help. The list goes on and on. Every vote counts and you can make a difference. See you at the polls on Nov. 7.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization dedicated to voter education and advocacy.