Hassan can’t deliver for us

It’s no secret that Maggie Hassan has mismanaged her entire tenure as governor.

She lost track of millions of dollars intended to go toward the heroin epidemic, hired a failed "drug czar," asked the Legislature to hire a state "COO" to do her job for her and – perhaps worst of all – continues to take credit for a balanced budget that she vetoed to advance her own political ambitions.

Her failures are well-documented and well-known.

Now, following in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps, Maggie Hassan has her own email scandal to answer for.

As a series of recent email dumps reveal, in addition to being grossly incompetent, Hassan may very well be the most corrupt politician in the history of our state.

After being forced to respond to a number of Right-to-Know requests, her pattern of lies, pay-to-play schemes and attempted cover ups have been exposed.

Since the beginning of this year, Governor Hassan has all but abandoned her responsibilities to the state, spending 70 days out of state fundraising with big-money donors and special interests.

After repeated denials from the governor that these campaign fundraising trips were costing the state money, emails show that tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent on the security detail for her out-of-state campaign trips.

Emails also reveal that Governor Hassan has engaged in the worst kind of political corruption – pay-to-play schemes run through her administration. For years now, she has used the corner office to pad her campaign coffers.

During her first term as governor, Hassan directed a no-bid contract for administering expanded Medicaid to a company called Centene. Within days of taking over the Medicaid Expansion program, Centene executives made $34,000 worth of contributions directly to her campaign re-election account.

But it gets worse. Just as Hillary Clinton used the Clinton Foundation as a clearinghouse for her pay-to-play operations, so did Maggie Hassan use the Democratic Governors Association for hers. Centene contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the DGA, which were then spent in New Hampshire to re-elect Maggie Hassan to her second term as governor.

Governor Hassan then awarded the largest contract in state history – worth more than $1 billion dollars – to Centene.

One of the worst examples is her gross mismanagement of the New Hampshire Hospital contract.

As has been reported by news organizations across the state, Governor Hassan pushed this contract, in a one-bid process, to Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Her Health and Human Services Commissioner assured the Executive Council that the request for proposals was written entirely by him and his staff.

Emails obtained through a Right-to-Know request, however, tell a different tale. In a series of exchanges between HHS and Dartmouth, it is clear that Dartmouth staff wrote some of the language for the RFP; is it any surprise, then, that they were the only bidders?

And why is this worse than all the others? Because, according to state hospital staff, many of whom have resigned in protest of this contract, the hospital has been left understaffed and unable to meet the needs of their patients. On July 27, a woman seeking treatment for mental health issues was admitted and then discharged from the hospital mere hours before she committed suicide. Hospital whistleblowers say staffing levels likely contributed to the decision to release this patient and that this tragedy may well have been avoided, but the Hassan administration’s response has been to insist that the staffing levels are "fine."

Maggie Hassan has been exposed as the political mirror image of Hillary Clinton. She is willing to lie, cheat and steal from the taxpayer – whatever it takes – to achieve her political ambitions. She has mismanaged the state, lied to the voters and scammed the taxpayers with some of the most corrupt pay-to-play schemes in New Hampshire history.

Governor Hasan has betrayed the people and the process and cannot be trusted to represent us in the U.S. Senate.

Jennifer Horn, of Nashua, is the chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.