Hogan | When we address crimes from drug addiction with a low-recidivism remedy, we find it is much cheaper.

As Hillsborough county attorney, I would welcome the opportunity to continue leading the excellent work of the county attorney’s office for the another two years. These coming years will absolutely require the experience of proven leadership.

The increased case load from the epidemic of imported illegal opium-derivative drugs has been a major challenge over the last five years. Drug use is the underlying issue for most of the cases.

I have supported Drug Courts in turning some people from being regular problems to regular citizens. Four years ago, the Drug Court in Nashua was formed and now has six graduates. Today, we are past the planning stage in bringing a Drug Court to Manchester.

Although it is not a magic bullet to the county’s drug problem, it is a humble beginning and a great help to those who have graduated. When we address crimes from drug addiction with a low-recidivism remedy, we find it is much cheaper when compared with addressing the crime and social damage that follows drug addiction. It is a wise investment for taxpayers.

Politics has no place in my office in the service of justice. I will never take politics into consideration when selecting my assistant county attorneys. This has allowed me to bring in only the most qualified attorneys who will push themselves to the highest standards.

Every citizen is entitled to equal treatment under the law and will always get just that from my office. We only deal with the facts and the law. To see how this improves the experience of the victims we serve, check out the video linked to my Facebook page: Dennis Hogan Attorney.

In addition to my record of excellence as county attorney, I bring previous years of leadership and management experience from outside the office. I served as one of Nashua’s delegates to the 17th Constitutional Convention as a teenager in 1984. I have 12 years’ experience at a major American insurance company, where I took their management training coarse and got actual management experience.

After law school, I served on the Nashua Board of Education Policy Committee, when we restructured the committee system and got out of the headlines after the Julia Earl years, later becoming Policy Committee chair.

The county attorney’s office receives 138 cases per attorney per year. Justice cannot be well-served by attorneys having attention spread too thinly. Therefore, we are planning a new intake work flow for the files. It can be explained in brief as a unit that will quickly do the less complicated work so that the remaining staff has additional time for the more complicated matters.

Our challenge for the next term is the introduction of a new streamlined court process referred to as "Felonies First." Instead of a Circuit Court arraignment as the first step in a felony case, the first step will be an arraignment in Superior Court. This shifts the work to the County Attorney’s Office.

By perfecting the new intake work flow, we will be ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Felonies First. Victimless cases are best dealt with quickly to allow more time for other cases. Having appropriate time to focus on the worst offenders is the key to being tough on crime.

Please help me continue our successful prosecutions and finish my improvements and advances by casting a vote for Dennis Hogan for county attorney.

Dennis Hogan is the incumbent Republican candidate for Hillsborough county attorney.